expired 10% off Meal Plans @ Youfoodz (10 Meals from $89.55)


Categories include weight loss, clean eating, muscle gainer, veg out and best sellers. Prices vary from to $89.55 for 10 meals to $281.97 for 28 'muscle gainer' meals.

Delivery cost varies from $0 - $20, depending on location. Delivery not available in some areas.

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    A little searching in Ozbargain may explain my downvote

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    worse deal than the '2 free meals' with min spend $69
    waiting for a proper deal


    Go away with this youfoodz junk

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    Not sure what all the negativity is with YouFoodz, I mean I saw all the grumpy people that didn't get 6 free meals or whatever it was, but why do so many people dislike Youfoodz?

    I eat about 8 or 9 Youfoodz meals a week. I have all sorts of messed up shifts at my work. Last night I got to bed at 7am, woke up at 2pm, and had a meal, because I certainly do not want to cook as soon as I wake up. Back at work at 6pm.
    The Youfoodz meals are certainly much better than the frozen Weight Watchers and the like meals from Woolies.

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      Yes but frozen weightwatchers meals do not cost this much. Usually 3.50 each or 33.50 for 10. Thats a big price difference.


        You can’t compare WW frozen meals and Youfoodz. WW is generally sauce, a few pieces of ‘meat’ and a couple of veg. Youfoodz is fresh, and tastes a million times better.


        Very true, there is a decent difference in price, I used to get the Weight Watchers meals on special at Woolies for about $5 each. But since eating Youfoodz I could never go back to the crap taste of the WW meals. Tried one the other week because IGA was shut and I only had a nearby Woolies that was open, so got a WW meal, ate like 2 bites and threw it in the bin and just had an apple instead.

        So yes Youfoodz is expensive, I agree, I love the Buffalo Chicken Pizza, I can eat pizza but it is a calorie controlled meal, but when I think that I'm paying $10 for 2 pieces of pizza, my head hurts. Does it belong on OzBargain, normally no, when there is a 2 free meals deal or something, sure, its still a bargain FOR SOMEONE THAT EATS YOUFOODZ, but probably not for the masses. Doesn't make it less of a bargain though.


    Not again.

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    The 20-OFF-2017 code for $20 off which was posted on the last Youfoodz deal is much better. Just a quick mention though I did my first order last week. Meals arrived, ordered 8, got 1 free. so 9 for $59.90, not a bad deal. Was then sent a survey which took around 30 second to complete and have received a code for 3 free meals on my next order. So the second order for 8 meals was $49.75.

    Of the 6 different meals me and my partner have tried so far 1 was terrible, 2 were ok and 3 were great.

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