JBL Everest 700 or Sennheiser HD 4.40BT

Intended use:
Gym, commute, gaming (pretty much everything lol)

Things that matter:
For commute, gym:
* Aesthetics (elegant, close to head, but shouldnt stand out in crowd too much)

For gym:
* Earpads dont get hot (or sweaty) during workout
* Dont fall off if i bend over or on treadmill

For gaming:
* Audio quality when using cable, because BT will obv be bad

The Sennheiser do come with a 2 year warranty compared to the JBL.

Its such a hard choice for me, Sennheiser as a brand is a + for me but then I do feel the JBL do look a bit better overall. There is also this thread on reddit about the Everest Elite 700 about its issues.

HALP me decide

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    JBL Everest 700 ($138)
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    Sennheiser HD 4.40BT ($178)



    Just got the JBL's from HN today.

    Judging on sound quality alone, these are pretty average. Just about any pair of proper wired cans (Senn, AT, AKG etc) ~$100 would sound better. Obviously that's not a fair comparison but since I haven't really tried any other BT headphones I can't compare it to other BT products. That being said I can't imagine you'd get better sounding BT headphones for the price which is why I took a gamble with them.

    For me, these are very tight fitting. That would probably be a plus for you as I can't imagine them ever falling off but it's not great for comfort. The ear cups are a little small, my ears fit in them but if your ears are larger than average it'd be an issue. I hear the Senns also have small ear cups.

    For gaming, these would be pretty sub par. They have very little depth to the sound-stage which would make enemy positioning in FPS games difficult. Another thing to consider; the cord connects to the right ear cup which is a major PIA assuming you use a mouse with your right hand.

    Do you own any over ear headphones? What headphones have you tried?

    If you're willing to spend ~$180, I'd say you'd be much better looking for some ~$100 BT headphones for gym/commuting and grabbing a pair of Creative Aurvana Live! for gaming/general listening. The Lives are probably the best headphones under $150 (especially for gaming as they have great sound-stage). Going this route would sacrifice sound quality in the BT cans but from reading various forums, the only BT cans even comparable to the Lives (or any decent wired cans) would cost over $300. Otherwise, the JBL's are adequate. I wouldn't spend $180 for the Senns without trying them first.


    Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m using some average ones (platronics gamecon 380) brought off from amazon in 2014 and they are still working fine (for gaming). Just play dota now and then so positioning in FPS isn’t really that important.

    Have to go to stores around CBD where I can try on both JBLs and Senns. Aesthetics, brand (for sound quality), fitting really matter (but I wouldn’t go for something like beats lol)

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