expired [Switch] Sonic Forces $49 at JB Hi-Fi


The Sonic Forces Bonus Edition comes with exclusive Art Cards and in-game costumes for your custom character from iconic SEGA games Jet Set Radio™, Super Monkey Ball™, NiGHTS™, Persona®5 and PuyoPuyo™.

Price Matched at EBgames. Bonus Edition usual price is $59 at target and ebgames

Ozgameshop has probably EU case with bonus hat for $52.99

720p 30fps but if you dont have an ps4 pro it will do.

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi

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    FYI heard this is a 3 hour game, and pretty crappy 3 hours at that.


    Anyone on the fence, it's been a blast for me so far. Can't speak to the runtime though as I've had too much other shit to play at the moment, but it's definitely Generations 2 in everything but name, so if you enjoyed Generations, you'll enjoy this.

    The create a character mechanic is way more in depth than I thought and I actually dig it a bit, I was expecting to just dress up as Shadow for the whole thing, but I like it.

    Anyway, if it does turn out to be short, I'll bop back and amend this at a later time, but right now I'm still cleaning up the 100% run on Odyssey, just picked up Morphite, and have Doom tomorrow, so my Switch time is spread thin.