Bad Debt Listing Because of CommBank Mistake

Hi Everyone, need your help with one of the case of my friend causing her lot of issues.

She had a comm bank account which she closed after clearing all the bills. Now after few years she applied for a car loan where she discovers a bad debt. She was sure that she did not have any pending payments towards bank. Also, bank never tried to reach her ever for payment. However, after inquiries it was found that it was mistake from bank and she does not have to make any payment.And bank agent just said sorry and that is it.

Even credit corp group sent a mail :
We write to confirm that the above account has been finalised and is now closed.
If this account is still listed with a Credit Reporting Bureau we will advise them shortly of its finalisation.

She applied for a credit card after 6 months and it was rejected because bad credit still comes up for her profile and now rejected application added to the problem with no fault of her. Credit corp doesn't reply to any mails and phone doesn't work.
With very limited knowledge of financial sector I would like to get the available options for her.

*No there was no payment pending it was mistake from bank.


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    Lodge a dispute with as well as CBA.

    Although I don't think its bank fault? you close the bank account but there were pending payments, ie via Credit Card or Direct Debt payments? you forgot to alter? that would be your friends responsibility.

    • Hi it was a banks fault. There was no payment pending. She didnt even pay anything later to close the case.

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    1) chase up CBA to clear entry from the credit bureau on your behalf
    2) contact the credit bureau directly
    3) escalate to FOS

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      A this point, I'd go straight to the FOS. The people who handle FOS cases get the job done, others generally stuff around.

      • I suppose if that has been already done correctly. It's not clear to me if it has here.

        Note down all attempted phone calls and successful calls with staff names, times and dates for FOS.

        The first thing FOS ask you to do if you haven't already done so is to exhausted all avenues/complained to the financial institution first.

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    FOS straight up. You're friend has already attempted to resolve this.

  • Hi Timtamdoritos,
    If your friend has received a letter from us it's likely that the matter has been assigned to Credit Corp and is no longer with CBA.

    We can review the situation including whether there are grounds for removal of the listing but we will need more details. Please have your friend contact our Customer Care team on 1300 768 621 or email [email protected]


    • Wow, crazy if this is genuine. How did you hear about this Zeke???

    • Hello Zeke,

      We tried to call you but it doesnt seems to work. Can you give me any employee mail ID ? or anything simple rather than going through same things again and again.

      • The 1300 768 621 number is staffed between 08:30 and 17:00 (Sydney time) Monday-Friday. If your friend has issues calling please ask them to send an email to [email protected].

    • And yes I can confirm this matter is with credit corp.

  • Any update OP?

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      Sorry for the delay in response. CreditCorp helped to get things cleared from the records and everything is fine now with only concern or a rejected credit card which is still showing in history(they rejected it because of error in report). Rest all sorted.

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