I Am a Co-Founder of Pricearchive.org - AliExpress Price Tracker


Let me introduce Pricearchive.org for OzBargain.

Pricearchive.org is a price tracker for AliExpress.com. To enhance AliExpress shopping experience we provide price history charts, price drop alerts, daily drops and the general statistics for the analyzed goods for each day.

Our website is almost completely translated into 6 languages: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano and Russian.

For today we have information about 37,179,490 goods. Every day we collect information almost about 12 million goods. I don't know other websites that have more data about AliExpress product prices than we have. At the same time we can't parse information about approximately five percents of the most popular AliExpress products. This is due to the peculiarities of the AliExpress but we are working hard to gather information about all products.

Hope our website will help you to buy having all the information about prices & discounts and see the price history charts and know that you haven't overpaid.

Pricearchive website - here

Frequently Asked Questions - here

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Best regards,
Vitali from Pricearchive.org

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    Vitali sounds Russian. Is that correct?


    Why limit to AliExpress?

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    I don't have any questions - just thanks for making this site! People here would likely be familiar with camelcamelcamel and this looks to be the Aliexpress equivalent. What a great service.



    Thank you for your kind words! Yeah, camelcamelcamel and keepa are equivalents for Amazon.


    looks cool, good one

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    looks good. 2 question and 1 suggestions:

    a. Just curious how do you track it? Are you linking with Aliexpress API or are you scraping their pages?

    b. Can you do it for ebay next? I find I do most of shopping on ebay (stores, buy it now and not other sellers).

    Also, i don't use aliexpress at all. I didn't think you would have to track prices there. essentially, it would be cheapest anyways. Perhaps a blog article on real example on how the tracker service would be useful.


      a. API. Scraping is not allowed.
      b. Ebay? Why not. Perhaps it will be Ebay.

      Thank you for your ideas! We will post such an article later.


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    All prices are in USD, and its not possible to change this on your site, or am I missing something?


      We have already been asked to display prices in different currencies, not only in USD and EUR. At the moment all prices are in USD and EUR and its not possible to change this. Here you are right. There are some technical limitations when working with AliExpress that's why we can't get and show prices in all possible currencies. But in the near future we will start to show prices in different currencies. For this we will use third-party services that show currency rates to the USD. Their exchange rate may slightly differ from the exchange rate on AliExpress but our users say that this is not important because it will be more convenient to look at the price in a suitable currency and it is possible to see the exact price when you buy.

    Merged from Finding AliExpress Goods at The Lowest Prices with Discount Tracker on Pricearchive.org


    Several days ago we have updated our discount tracking page on Pricearchive.org. Every day we analyze about 12 million goods from Aliexpress. On this webpage, you are going to find goods that didn't have discount yesterday, but today have 5 to 99% discount. Earlier on this page it was possible to find goods whose data are rarely collected. But now we have implemented several filters and show only great deals with a fairly complete history of price changes. We hope that on this page you will find goods with really good discounts from the categories you need.

    How to use the search for goods at a discount.

    On the page that we specified above you can find all goods that have a discount today. Every day there are a lot of such goods and it is quite difficult to check all of them and to find an item you need. To solve this problem, use the menu at the top of the page. For example, select a category 'Mobile phones'. Then select 'the lowest' price and the period of '60 and more days'. Press 'Show such goods'. Then you will see that today we have found only three phones according to the specified parameters. For each item you can check the price history and see if the price history that we have for this item is full enough for you to make a decision about purchasing. In addition to this, another menu appears on the page with the ability to select the size of the discount and the price range. You can set these advanced options separately. For example, you can specify that you need goods with a discount of 75% or more. After that specify your email, confirm it and in the case of new products, you will receive alerts on their appearance. It seems to us that this is a very useful feature when you have the opportunity not to miss the appearance of a big discount for the goods of the category you need. To buy or not is your choice, but to see such goods and have the opportunity not to miss them is better than not knowing about the appearance of goods with a very low price.

    Happy shopping and happy New Year!

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