expired Lenovo ThinkPad E570p | i7-7700HQ | 8GB RAM/256GB SSD | GTX1050ti $1199 ($1064 w/ AmEx offer, see description) Shipped @ Lenovo


Currently available for $1199 through their 'Cyber Sale', however you can get this price lower through this AmEx offer. You need to spend $1200 to receive $150 back. As this is just under the threshold, I suggest you add something of your choice to get over the $1200 mark. The lowest value item I could find was the 'ThinkPad Precision USB Mouse- Midnight Black' for $15, which you find at the accessories stage during the checkout. This will therefore bring the price up to $1214 and minus $150 through the AmEx offer will make it $1064 once you receive the credit.

Intel Core i7-7700HQ
15.6" FHD IPS
GTX 1050Ti 2GB
$1,199 ($1064 through AmEx offer)

Edit: Code now listed on CR thanks to TA, so now you get an additional 5% cashback :)

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    Do people feel the $140 is worth getting the https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/340286 instead?

    I see the comments regarding battery life and cooling and the +2gb on the gfx

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      Also note that this Lenovo one has the 7700HQ CPU and the Dell you linked has a 7300HQ.


        thanks. any thoughts on which is better? my last dell XPS 15 lasted 6 years so its had a pretty good life so i'm willing to spend the extra 140 if its a legit spend esp on a dell. I've never owned a lenovo so i have no experience with them


          My own XPS 15 just got delivered 30 minutes ago. Ask me in hopefully 6 years? Haha.

          But I chose the XPS 15 because of the better screen (omg these tiny bezels are so good), more threads on the CPU for video editing & motion graphics (7700hq has 4 cores 8 threads, vs 7300hq that has only 4c/4t), and the extra 2gb vram on the 1050 to help with the video stuff and better for some gaming also.

          Not sure I could justify getting a 7300HQ when the latest 8th Gen U series (like 8250U, etc. that you see in the XPS 13) have 4 cores & 8 threads.
          No first-hand experience with Lenovo though.


          @Solid State Fetish:

          oh i meant vs the inspiron 7567 haha.

          good luck with your XPS! The build you get at the premium you pay is pretty worth it. I just dont want to fork out for 1.7k at the moment :(

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    To anyone buying the E570p be aware of the very average included wifi adapter. However I was able to vastly improve speeds thanks to a helpful whirlpool user who suggested changing the bandwith:

    "Did some reading online and someone suggested changing the bandwith setting (in Device Manager -> Network Adaptors) to 20MHz only (other options are 20 + 40MHz and 20 + 40 + 80MHz)."

    10 fold increase in transfer speed for me but YMMV - many thanks to epsilon84 :)

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    @stuhtb Refer to this gif on how to tag products correctly

    If the product tag doesn't exist, it won't appear in the autocomplete (drop down box). If so, just type in the product tag manually and report the deal and type in "need a prod tag" and I'll create a new one. Though I may not be able to create tags for certain obscure products / intangible items

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