BIOS Hacks HP Desktop

I'm planning on building myself a quality desktop, but in the meantime, I bought a GTX 1050ti that won't load in my pre-set HP desktop.

After lots of research I think it's due to them not updating the bios, so can't enable legacy mode or turn off secure boot (does have uefi on mobo). I've tried wiping hard drive and installing win 7 in what I think was non-uefi mode but gpu still didn't work (boot stalled at hp load screen when HDMI plugged into gpu and got black screen with a single dash when plugged into mobo). The good thing from all this is that it's been fascinating to finally learn about the components and builds etc (even if it can be overloading with people's differing opinions and mass information out there)

Wondering if anyone has had the same problem and found solutions or if you just know of a work around.



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    Hey mate there is a video from Brian Techyescity on Youtube he had the same issue you. It may help.

    • Cheers, turns out I've found similar solutions to him with no luck either. But can I ask what you typed in to find this as I went YouTube searching last week and didn't find this and it's the most straight forward video I've seen so far.

      At least after seeing he's gone through as much searching as me with no luck I think I'll bide my time til a cheapish lga1155 mobo comes on eBay.

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    Hp desktops are notorious for coming with a low quality power supply, make sure it outputs enough power for your new video card before anything else.

    • Good advice.

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      Needs more eneloops

      • What are eneloops, seems I missed the massive jump on these at the time.

        • BAN HIM!

        • @Drew22: I did a search for fear the anger might spread. I had read before that eneloops were batteries but I guess I dismissed that as I just didn't presume they were simply batteries due to the massive appeal or like for them (I see them referenced all the time here as that amazing deal or item)

        • the "eneloop" meme has sort of aged though, it was one of the most highly sought after products on OZbargain before Dick Smith went bust and got bought by Kogan.

          Now the new meme is probably Xiaomi.

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      I did wonder about this, my hp has a hd6970 in it at the moment which requires a 6 and 8 pin PCI energy plugs so I assumed that it had a decent PSU. The sticker just must be on top of it which is against the cover so I haven't pulled it off to look as all the cables connecting to it intimidated me. Guess I'll to make sure though, will reply here after I've checked. Thanks.

      • If you swap the old HD6970 card out, then there should be enough juice to run the 1050ti.

        However I was sure the 1050ti doesn't have any power plugs on the card.. If that is so, then it's getting its power through the slot. And the motherboard probably can't handle the draw. So still a power problem, but one that you can't do anything about.

        • So I checked the PSU and it's an Antec 550w. That should mean I have enough juice to run the 1050ti I believe. Also, the card I have is the MSI variant of the 1050ti and this one requires one 6 pin power plug so I'm thinking it's not a power problem.

  • 1050ti? Mate there’s a 1080 for under 700 bucks go wild

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      Haha, $700 is $550 more than what I got the 1050ti for and a bit quite a bit outside what I can afford now so I think I'm okay.

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