Is Austin Computers Trustworthy?

I'll keep this short: Seeking experiences/advice from OzBers who have had interactions with these guys' eBay shop.

I placed an order Tuesday 7th and they marked the item "Sent" on eBay on Friday 10th.

E: Estimated delivery is today/tomorrow.

AusPost has yet to receive the item from them for delivery.

Has anyone had similar experiences with them? If so, what was the resolution?

Thanks in advance.

Updates: Dennis from Austin Computers says item's been sent.

AusPost tracking website says they haven't got it.

Auspost service rep says the item should be scanned by now for tracking, but couldn't explain why it hasn't been scanned. Suggested WA might not have an AusPost facility at all, and that's why it wasn't scanned. (WA OBVIOUSLY HAS AN AUSPOST FACILITY)

Less incompetent AusPost service rep says they have no indication the item was received into their delivery network, and it would be impossible for the item to arrive by the advertised delivery time even if it was.

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  • "AusPost has yet to receive the item from them for delivery."

    how do you know ?

  • So the seller has given you a tracking number? But AustPost isn't showing they've gotten an item relating that tracking number?

    • Yep! That is exactly right. Never had this big of a gap between the "Sent" notification and AusPost getting the item. Here's what the AusPost page looks like:

      • AustPost isn't that diligent in their tracking. I've had it arrive without the in-between steps before and they were only there after it was delivered. But that's not to say it hasn't been sent from the seller.

        • I've had problems with AusPost before (let's face it, the same could be said for 99% of AUstralian residents), but never something like this.

  • it could be they got the con note on there but the item hasnt been picked up yet by austpost, or seller hasnt taken it to post office yet

    • Sorry, what do you mean by "con note?"

        • Thanks, TIL! Wouldn't it be more than a little misleading to say the item has been sent if it well… hasn't been?

          I also noticed the item has increased in price by exactly 15% between the time I bought the item and now (PREZZY code was for 20% discount)

        • @yomn: Yeah, I don't know how or why eBay lets sellers do that. Specially when they foot the bill. Those type of sales seem to benefit the sellers profit more than buyers.

        • @Rumbaar: Seems a bit dirty to begin with, but Austin Computers seem to have an improbably glowing feedback rating at 99.8% positive. I honestly would have thought they were above something like this.

        • @yomn: You'll find all of those sellers that get involved in those promotions do it, even the big guys.

        • @Rumbaar: The 20% discount turns into 8% pretty quickly with this type of manipulation. Figured the smaller local stores wouldn't be this way.

        • @yomn: I gave them glowing eBay feedback. Last week, 48 hours after seeing a GTX 1080 deal here, my card was delivered to Sydney, all for a good price.

        • @Thrift: This is what I wanted to hear! It's already been 7 days since I placed the order, though.

        • @yomn: Have you contacted Austin? (Just read your comment below. Pity)

          I messaged them via eBay on Friday 7pm AEDT and asked them to email me a tax invoice (so I could claim Destiny 2). I received it about an hour later. I thought that was good service.

        • @Thrift: Hey mate, when did you put your order in? Austin Computers told me all orders last week were delayed a couple of days (mine was delayed 3). AusPost says it takes 5 to 6 business days to get a parcel from WA to NSW, or 2 to 3 express. Next day delivery doesn't exist from Osborne Park. Less than 48 hours seems a bit impossible.

        • @yomn: This was for the $623.20 Gigabyte GTX 1080 WindForce OC 8GB deal posted last Tuesday.

          From the eBay emails:
          Order placed Tue 7th at 1:57 PM
          Order confirmed Tue 7th at 1:57 PM
          Order sent Wed 8th at 8:54 PM

          Delivered Thurs 9th at 2.30 pm by a Fastway courier.

          There was no printed invoice just a picking slip with drop ship instructions, with Austin Computers as the customer and my address for delivery. After a bit of Google-sleuthing it appears to have been fulfilled by distributor Leader Computers with actual dispatch Thursday morning from Silverwater NSW.

          Which is a bit different than your experience where they have AusPost'ed your item from WA.

        • @Thrift: Thanks heaps for clarifying. What a world we live in, where drop shipping is more reliable than B2C sales.

    • Gave them a buzz and after being put on hold a few times it turns out there's nothing anyone can do. Austin Computer says they sent it. AusPost says they haven't got it. Austin Computer says they can't do anything until 7 business days after they dispatched it (which was 3 business days after I ordered it).

  • this is a common thing for businesses to do.

    they 'process' your order, logistics pick the order, box it up, put a con note on there, supply the tracking number from con note, and then when the logistics company come to pick up the goods then that con note number will be scanned into the postage system.

    i previously worked for a large company and this was how their logistics side of things worked. think about it, a business boxes up your order, gets it ready for postage, they're not going to call out a courier to pickup 1 single item. generally the couriers have a set pickup/drop off time with the business.

    so your item got picked and processed in the morning, tracking number supplied, and then in the arvo courier company comes and picks up any items from the business requiring shipping.

    • Thanks for explaining the process.

      so your item got picked and processed in the morning, tracking number supplied, and then in the arvo courier company comes and picks up any items from the business requiring shipping.

      This is where I'm unsure. Item was ordered on Tuesday 7th. Picked and processed on Friday 10th. Courier company picks item up any time in the last 5 days, but AusPost says there is no trace of the item in their delivery networks. Shouldn't the item have been scanned at some point in the last 5 days? According to the customer rep from AusPost, there is no indication that the item was received.

      • yeah i'd give them a call if this is the case honestly.

        i dont know much about the company maybe they're a small mob and only have pickup a couple times a week?

        purely speculation.

        give them a call and put your mind at ease

        • Appreciate the advice, mate. I did call them and, while they were professional and friendly, just told me that their records show the item was sent and neither I nor they could do anything about it. AusPost says nothing can be done about it until the 26th of November. I ordered the damn thing on the 7th.

  • Yes they are imo

    A few stores here in Perth, semi-active reps on here.

    Theyre fine

    • Wish I was in Perth. Beautiful beaches and the ability to just rock up and grab my order.

      Do you know any of their usernames?

  • I have ordered from them and had no problem.

    • Seems to be the consensus in this thread, which gives me some hope. Wonder where the hell my PSU Toy Storied off to.

  • I ordered from them in the recent eBay sale as well. Shipping was not overly fast, but came right in the middle of the estimated range.

    • Do you know if it was drop shipped or sent from their warehouse in WA (and if you don't mind me asking, what state are you in?)

  • Was this post really necessary? You're covered by PayPal buyer protection, so the outcome will either be your item arrives eventually, or it doesn't and you get a refund.

  • I have recently ordered two items from them and didn't experience any major delays. One item was sent from WA using Australia Post and then one item was drop shipped from Ingram Micro using TOLL.

  • Ordered 5 items from them on Nov 7, one (computer case) arrived 2 days ago, one says it's just been processed through Aus post facility, after being in transit for last 3 days and the others were estimated yesterday, but still just showing in transit.

    For the prices we paid, can't really complain too much if they take few extra days to arrive. I'm not worried about it.
    I am more annoyed about a ding in the bottom side edge of the case which needed straightening out both the case and side panel, to fit properly, but appart from some flaking paint, it will serve it's purpose.

  • True story about austin shop in Perth metro.

    Went in, looked around and went up to the counter to ask a perfectly normal question people ask in a computer shop.

    The instant reply from the sales person was "I am a salesman i do not answer questions"

    This happened not once but twice over 2 visits.

    The question i asked first time was something about type of ram used in the motherboard i was looking at [ i had some spare ram at home].

    Fair dinkum story

    • Ah, so YOU're the person holding up lines at places like MSY. Honestly, I completely understand where they're coming from: sales people are sales people - even IF they knew, it'd be risky for them to give out technical advice if there's even the slight chance they're wrong. And you obviously have the internet - not too hard to google "Is XYZ Ram compatible with ABC mobo".

  • Ordered a GTX 1080 from them about 1 month ago. There was a bit of delay in getting the tracking number to work but it was eventually usable.

    No complaints from me. Good prices + quick delivery. Happy to buy from them again if i needed to.

  • Perth branch is alright. More legit than auspost