Do All Countries Have The TSA Key?


Last time I went to Malaysia my bag rocked up with the TSA zip lock completely removed. I thought it just came off as the handlers threw it around but realise now it could be that somewhere along the line it was deliberately removed.

I bought a new case, would Australia and Malaysia have the key or should I just leave it unlocked?



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    Not just all countries, but all the bad guys have TSA keys as well.


    TSA is fine to lock. Only US Authorities have an offical key. Other countries like the UK have them now I think.

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    TSA no longer care for TSA approved locks. We have been advised by qantas on a few occasions not to lock the bags when we have gone to the states. Apparently they have had multiple complaints about travellers bags with TSA approved locks being damaged / with a TSA sticker saying the bag was checked.

    I suppose with other countries it could be the same. They not there to be gentle (sadly), I know not an excuse, but a reality nonetheless.

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    I had my luggage opened 4 times this year in the USA by the TSA. All times they didn't damage the locks and used their proper keys.

    Having said that, TSA locks are 100% useless as a security measure. The keys are widely available to anyone and you can even print them yourself.

    Thank photographers from a newspaper for making the locks virtually worthless.

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    The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


    whats the point of having a lock if the bad guys could have the same key?


    i've always used multiple zip ties


      what is the point? if custom or air port security want to open it, they open it?



        so what's the point of using a lock that most people have a key for?


          Most ppl? like luggage handles? one that don't have authority to open your luggage offically?
          Only good thing about RSA is that, you know someone who opened it, although not every airport put a sticker saying, they opened it.
          Still you can't do much about it, that is why you don't put valuables in our check in.

          Sorry, I just don't see the point, someone just could open it and blame it on the authority, you can't really do much about other than claim your losses through your travel insurance.


      How do you open your bag at the other end? You cannot carry any sort of knife or scissors on board in your cabin bag to cut the ties!

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