What Do You Guys Think of Samsung Making Fun of Apple

I think this is hilarious and a good compilation of Samsung Galaxy phones and what iphones had at the same time.






    Apparently Samsung can dish it, but they can't take it.

    Personally I think the advertising should stick to selling the benefits of their own products, and not dissing the opposition. It just strikes me as suffering from an inferiority complex if you think you have to compare yourself to someone else. I have had iPhones, I've had Androids, the iPhones suit my needs better at the moment but I would certainly look at an alternative if I felt it met my needs better. However, that sort of advertising turns me off even considering looking at the opposition product.

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    The thing with Samsung is it is aiming at Apple users more than it does at Apple. I know it is slight, they are failing to achieve what they want.

    And do they think that consumers will take well that they are being made fun of, and just change brand?

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    It's just tongue in cheek fun. I like it. Samsung are profiting from iPhone X SALES anyway. We all just need to loosen up and be less PC.


      Personally I thought the "Grand Theft Auto" hacks were hilarious but, presumably, Samsung didn't see the "tongue in cheek" element.

      Using advertising to deride the users of another product is lazy advertising, you have basically run up the white flag and said you product cannot stand on its own merits. It is not likely to get undersiders across to your product and will just annoy the Apple people who may have considered swapping. If feeling queasy about encouraging the denigration of other people is "PC" then guilty as charged.


        The video is actually about what the Samsung CAN DO that the iPhone CANNOT DO - that's selling your product on merit, is it not? Yes they are cherry picking examples, but that's marketing. I am sure one can do the same thing in reverse (i.e. things you can do on an iPhone that you could not on the same generation Samsung phone).


    I actually expected this to be kinda cringey which is what I usually feel when companies do this. But I didn't mind this too much, it felt more tongue in cheek then cringe advertising. I liked that it had a bit more to it (about the couple growing together as well as the phone?).

    The only iffy part for me is I feel Apple and Samsung really go back and forth innovating off each other? The add to me is fine, but it could easily have been a hair away from being a cringey backfire add.


    Taptic Engine … 3D Touch

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    Lol a bit of banter and tongue in check never goes astray :D
    Of course they will be those people who are offended because their iPhone is their best friend, served in WW2 and the rest of it but I think it's great!

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    It's fine. Apple is fun (ny) anyway.
    They pay cents to the labour, avoid and just pay dollars to tax office but charge thousands to customers. Yet people camp for 10 days to get one.

    Actually one of the worst in planet.


      And they are the most arrogant company towards developers. Every design change they seem to make is for vanity and marketing with absolute disdain for developers who must clean up the mess they give us.

      I cry a little every iPhone or iOS update.

      I don't have enough hair left to sustain many more iPhone updates, I'm going to need to get plugs so I've got something to pull out.. I'm convinced Apple own Advanced Hair! Yeah Yeah!

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    I think it sits better in Australian humour than it would worldwide…We are chill and we take the piss out of each other everyday…wait a minute…or do my co-workers genuinely hate me?

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    Pretty funny ad, I’d say. The only people who are triggered are Apple consumers rather than Apple itself.

    Anyway, the advert is factually correct.



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    Why are you watching ads?