Recommendation on PIR Day Night Sensor

Hi recently purchased lots of RGB yeelights bulbs and couple of Yeelights sensor lights. I really love them especially integrating it with IFTTT and Google Home. Also yeelights IR lights works great and have a great light sensitivity.

I now want to achieve same with yeelights smart bulbs. Basically I want to turn off the lights whenevr motion is detected but only if it dark. I am looking for a sensor that works like Philips Hue motion sensor. Xiaomi PIR sensor with light sensitivity is not an option as I don't want to use Mi Home app as then I loose the control of Yeelights bulbs using Google Home. As far as I understand you cannot have Yeelights bulb discovered both in yeelights app and Mi home App together.

I know I am asking too much but it would be great if someone can share their experience and suggest some compatible product. Thanks in advance.


  • It seems you're asking too much…

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