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[PC] Overwatch Standard / GOTY Edition - MXN 349 (~ $24.38 AUD) / MXN 459 (~ $32.06 AUD) @ Battle.net


Was gonna post this earlier but LlamaFarmer beat me to the sale. Nevertheless, you can find the original post here for the Australian deal.

I think it's worth the extra 5 minutes to set up a Mexican account to save the few extra dollars as the game is giftable so you can transfer it to your main account if you have games purchased under that account. Also this is the global version of Overwatch so you can play in any region.

You need to create a new Blizzard account with Mexico set as the country of residence, then you can purchase it from the link.

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    Have you tried this out yourself?


      I'm trying it out for myself. I have a friend who has purchased blizzard store stuff and gifted it to me from another battlenet country in the past.

      The transaction has gone through but is currently stuck on 'queued' so I will have to report back if I actually get the game


        Last time i tried to purchase overwatch from Taiwan for a 50% sale, they blocked me from changing my region on my current account, so i had to make a new account for that region. This may or may not be the same for this deal.

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      I used this exact same method last year and worked for me. Judging from the last sale this method is still working perfectly fine.

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    Just be aware that the gifting process takes awhile (up to 72 hours according to Blizzard). I gifted it 4 hours ago, order status is still Queued.
    But at least you can free play this weekend while waiting =)

    Edit: 4.5hrs in, gift claimed


    Meh! Gotta be friends for 7 days before sending a gift.


      Sale ends on the 27th so it's not too late if you can wait.


      I didnt need to do that.

      Literally made a blizzard account today and gifted it to my main account. got it in ~4 hours


        My order has been cancelled twice now:


        We were unable to complete your recent purchase.

        Product: Overwatch®: Game of the Year Edition
        Order ID: 429630165

        Due to this, your payment authorization has been reversed. Since we were unable to complete this purchase, the product has >been removed from your account.

        Your game account may be locked until the transaction can be reprocessed. For assistance with reprocessing this transaction, >please submit a support ticket: https://battle.net/help/


        Customer Service
        Blizzard Entertainment

        Did you need to do anything special to have this working for you? The only thing that I can think of is that the PayPal account that I used, is the same email address as my main account that i'm trying to gift it to. How did you pay for it via CC?

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          so here's what I did

          -Set VPN to mexico
          -made an account with mail .com
          -made a mexican account on blizzard website and verified it through email
          -purchased overwatch on blizzard website using paypal under the same email as my actual account (I was worried about this too but it worked)
          -whilst purchasing I gifted using email (did not friend my accounts together)
          -purchase went through and was queued for around 4 hours
          -once successful I got an email in my main account that said someone gifted overwatch and a redeem button


          @Sock: Thank you for the very detailed instructions Sock.

          I just tried to create another account using my work email and it will probably fail again (I received the cancelled order email less then 24hrs after trying the first 2 times)

          I'll use your instructions tomorrow and try again. Cheers.


          @Sock: Hi Sock,

          Despite your very detailed instructions, Blizzard failed me again. I think my paypal address must be flagged as I've tried to use it with three different accounts, that all failed. The last try was via your instructions.

          Would you mind purchasing for me and gifting it to my account? I can either DD or Paypal your account first of course. I would very much appreciate it if you could.

          If not, no worries. I'll just purchase the standard edition locally.


          PS. I tried to message you directly but your not accepting messages?


          @Roemac: whoops I didnt realise ozbargain had a private messaging system it seems to be off by default. Anyway nothing personal but I've been burned in the past helping people buy stuff online so I'm not really ready to do this. I'm really sorry but I hope you understand.

          Maybe some other ozbargainer here could help you out?


          @Sock: that's a shame but I completely understand. As mentioned I would pay you first, I would expect you to wait for it to clear before you did anything. In this situation I would be at risk not yourself, but no problem. At least I tried 👍


    I have setup an account on Mexico blizzard, but how do I add my main account as a friend. I'll just purchase now at this price and gift it to my main account in 7 days.

    Edit: Sorry I just went to purchase and noticed the gift button.


    +1 confirmed working may take a couple hours for the gift to go through so don't panic


    Seems to be around $20 for Brazil, anyone know if you can gift from a Brazilian account?

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