Deals on the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

Is anyone aware of any deals on the Dyson dryer at the moment? I’ve had a look and catch see any sellers with the 20 percent off deal selling them. Thanks


  • Not about price, but there is a promotion of a bonus stand for the hair dryer this month :) worth $90+ on their website

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    Fantastic engineering review

    • Never thought id enjoy watching a 40 minute enguneering so much… the guy is hilarious

  • If any of your family or friends work for a well known large communications company starting with T, have a chat to them about a 25% staff discount from Dyson valid for a short while, including hairdryers ;-)

    • Ah good call. I can’t think of anyone but I’ll have an ask around.

      I believe PWC employees can get a corporate discount but my friend is unable to get his Australia email address validated (company name works) even though it is also an Australian scheme.