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Sydney Airport Parking $20 off Your Next Parking Booking


Received an email which may be targeted as I hadn’t used airport parking for a while, however the code seems to work without using my login up to the checkout page.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen you at Sydney Airport Parking, so we’d like to offer you a little sweetener. Simply book online before midnight, 31 December 2017 and use the promo code: TAKE20 to get the instant $20 saving. What’s more, you can use the promo code when booking your parking at any of our car parks!

Note 1. From the comments below it appears that the booking can be after 31/12 as long you book before midnight on 31/12. This can be handy for picking up visitors over the January holidays.

Note 2. Apart from this deal alway prebook as there are substantial savings over just lobbing up and paying full price.

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  • +1

    Thanks OP….
    this is the most awesomest bargain/saving I've had with Sydney Airport ever !
    The stingy bastards never send me a code !
    Parking came to $18 for 2 hours, code applied and NIL to pay !

    • Same :)

      • +1

        Does that mean you guys just pre-booked now for a future airport pick-up?

        • +2

          Yes, I had to drop off a friend in December and knew the dates.. So pre-booked for free.

        • +1

          yes, for March next year

        • I booked 8:30am this morning for 9:00am-11:00 am and it came out free :D

      • +2

        Ask Maquarie bank

  • Thanks OP, works nicely, needed parking in December.

  • Absolutely brilliant, hope they don't cancel all these Free bookings

  • +10

    Just an OzBargainer tip:

    If you're picking someone up from Sydney International's 15 minute express parking lot or the adjacent P9 (if you need to run in to help with bags) and you're waiting for someone to clear customs there's a less stressful way to exit within 15 minutes each time. When P9 is empty it appears no one uses the western exit at P9 (arrow in map: https://imgur.com/a/cOVow) but everyone queues up at the multiple southern exits. Since Cooks River Ave often has crazy traffic you often find 12 minutes turning into 16…costing you $7.50 (and proportionately much more after 30 minutes). But the western exit let's you leave at 13 minutes on the dot and gives you your own express lane (over the bridge) to restart your 15 minute freebie.

    The catch to this exit is that if you're heading to Mascot people might not let you in…

    Of course you can wait at Krispy Kreme St while your family is being interviewed by Border Security.

    • Thanks for the tip, didn't know there was an exit! What do you mean by people won't let you in if you are heading to Mascot?

      • +1

        No worries.

        P9's western exit let's you either loop around the airport again or head to the eastern suburbs (i.e. in the direction of Mascot). If you wish to go west (i.e. towards Arncliffe and beyond) you'll have to use the more popular southern exits.

        When you use the western exit the lane ahead of you will normally be empty since 99.9% of people that just dropped someone off or left one of the other car parks won't intend on re-entering the airport once they've just left. However, since there's only 1 lane for everyone else and they've been moving at a snail's pace they might not be that friendly towards these new cars coming out of nowhere. You'll still probably be better off than heading south though and possibly a few dollars richer (assuming people outside OzBargain don't catch on).

  • +4

    $20 off sydney airport parking is a bit like throwing a deck chair off the titanic.

  • Sweet! Just booked 2hr next week for free!

  • thanks so much op..saved me 20

  • Was going to airport tomorrow so thank you for saving me $20.

  • I forgot to pre-book for a week long international l trip earlier this year. I do the same trip every year, it normally costs me about $220/240 can’t remember exactly to pre-book into international.
    This year, with no pre-book $484, jeeeeeezuz what a difference. Work expense thankfully.

  • Dang would have come in handy two weeks ago. Ah well.

  • Great deal hey.
    I'm parking for 2 days at the airport in December, and what actually works out cheaper is using Park & Fly (if you are a NRMA customer you get a discount for it).
    Link here: https://www.mynrma.com.au/membership/benefits/park-and-fly?g...

    I realise this may not be cheaper than other long term parks, but in my case it is.

  • Thanks OP. Booked for an airport pick up on Saturday free!
    Has anyone received the confirmation email with QR code to scan ourselves into the carpark though?
    Booked and confirmed on the web 5min ago, yet to receive any emails.

    • SMS comes through immediately, email later. You also have the final page that offers the receipt that has the QR Code.
      All else fails, use the same CC you paid with when entering, and it knows not to charge.

      • Cheers Snuke!

      • They dont ask for a credit card bcos its free (assuming you're there for 2 hours or less).
        So you would need manually to add it BEFORE the supposed payment page

      • UPDATE: Confirmation has gone into my junk. Those who struggle to receive, please check your junk folder.

  • How does the timing work? What happens if I enter the carpark early or late? I prebooked for 2hrs, does that mean the 2 hrs start when I enter the carpark or the time I prebooked for?

    • +4

      Can I enter earlier/ leave later than my nominated times?
      For bookings at Domestic P1 & P2 or International P7 of 1, 2, or 3 hours, the booking allows for entry any time on the nominated date. The amount of time booked then begins from the time entered.

      For bookings 4-24 hours the booking allows for one entry and one exit any time from one hour before the nominated entry time to one hour after the nominated exit time.

      For bookings that are longer than 24 hours the bookings allow for one entry and one exit any time on or within the dates nominated.

      (Please note - if the booking is for valet, the entry and exit times must be within the valet operating hours – 5:00am to 11:00pm on weekdays, and 5:30am to 11:00pm on weekends.)

  • +1

    Created an account to say thank you. Going to airport today, saved 18$

    • Thanks, welcome to OzBargain.

  • Thanks OP! Just in time :)

  • Thank you very much! Best Deal Ever!!!

  • Nice! Weekend in Dec at blue emu down to $46 thanks OP

  • Never pay at exit. I once paid on the machine in P7 @58th minute, but stuck in the carpark for another 10+ mins before managed to squeeze all the luggage in. No issue for leaving.

  • i booked blue emu next year, save about 20%, thanks!

  • Thanks OP - saved $18 :)

  • Thanks OP - I'm off to NYC tomorrow so this is fantastic!

  • Looks like you can use the code however many times you want too. I booked 3 times, 2 hours each and paid nothing. Thanks OP

    • There is a chance that you may be charged when you exit.

      If you use the QR code that u used to enter at the exist time, it will show over stay. If you use the new booking QR code, it will show invalid as yu haven entered.

      Probably you can get away if you use Credit card instead of QR code.

      • If you use the QR code that u used to enter at the exist time, it will show over stay.

        I didn't quite understand this statement…..
        At exit time, you'd normally use the ticket that the entry machine spits out … and if you exit within the two hour booking window, you wont be overstaying !

        • I was referring to a scenario where you made a booking for 6-8 PM and then another booking for 8-10 PM and another for 10-12 AM. If you use voucher, you can make all these free. Unless you exit and then re-enter with the new QR code, there is a chance of machine saying you are over staying.

          Due to OZB spirit, i thought of doing this trick but later decided not to. I wanted to book 3 hours as I have to pickup someone from Int Airport.

  • nice, thanks OP!
    paid $18 two weeks ago dropping family off, return pickup now free. Now that's a bargain

  • Just want to say thank you for posting this :)

  • Not sure why people comment based on their perception! Booked for 3 hours for only $2. This is an insane deal! Thanks OP!

    • Out of curiosity, what do you do for 3 hours at the airport?
      Surely by the second hour, whoever you're dropping off will be clearing customs.

      • +1

        Good question! Yeah that’s correct, 2 hours is enough but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I could book for 2 hours but as a precaution in case if there is a flight delay, booked for 3 hours.

      • eat…..with the Priority Pass….

        • I have two priority pass and live in Sydney and have question! Can we eat there without boarding pass?
          I know sometimes when I travelled before the shop did not ask for boarding pass.
          Are the restaurants which accept priority pass outside before the entry gate?

        • @benhil: https://www.prioritypass.com/en/Lounges/Asia-Pacific/Austral...

          The website only lists Mach2 at T1 as a landside lounge.

          Question: These aren't really 'lounges' in the traditional sense. How is having a Priority Pass a benefit for these restaurants? (I'm curious as I have one myself)

  • Thanks OP! Saved 22% on parking at Christmas.

  • Booked for three pick-ups. Saved me $54.

  • I've booked one pick-up under my log-in …
    Has anyone managed to get another one booked under same log-in ?

    Or alternately, do you have to be logged in to use the promo code ?

    Edit: Don't have to be logged in to use the code

  • Great deal OP, thanks for posting! Booked 3 hours for two cars for a grand total of $4. Never thought I'd say this about Sydney Airport parking, but that's an absolute bargain!

  • Thanks OP, booked

  • Thanks OP, booked 3 hours international parking for just 2 dollar. Great find.

  • Thanks OP. For the first time I am not going to be paying anything for parking in P9.

  • Thanks OP! Just booked for 2 hours free! you're a legend!

  • You saved me $36 dollars. Thank you OP.

  • if only I could up vote a 2nd time ! :D

  • You saved me $54.. thank you OP. Wish they activate another coupon for 2018.

    Edit: confirmed it is not working anymore.. tried today.

  • Damn missed this…
    Any other codes available?

  • This saved me heaps in the past few weeks! Thanks OP!

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