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Ozito 210mm Slide Mitre Saw w/ Stand $149 @ Bunnings (National?)


The price is the same as the one without stand. This should be nation wide.

Mt Gravatt store in QLD had 12 in stock. Still in receiving. Now they have one less.

(Not all products available in all stores)

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    Is Aldi selling them?

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      You just made a Bunnings executive shudder with that post. Your first instinct is supposed to be "quick rush to my nearest Bunnings".


        Bunnings were pretty quick to drop the price of Borax when Aldi was selling it a few weeks ago, and then equally as quick to raise the price once aldi stocks ran out

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    Unless you desperately need the stand, personally I think you're better off with the 254mm saw for $40 more: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-254mm-10-2100w-compound-sl...

    Not much difference in power / features, but the 254mm size gives you a lot more options for blades.


      Agreed. I'll probably get the 254mm to build a deck soon.

      The included stand with this deal doesn't look very sturdy!

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    I have this saw and dont recommend this to anyone!!

    If you are a total beginner then it might be better than nothing but in some ways it's even worse then.
    I can make same accuracy cuts with my circular saw. This saw just does not lock securely into any of the presets (45° or 90°). You have to double check every cut you make. It you can't trust your saw to make even a solid 90° cut then what use is it?
    Looks good on paper and in the shop, has all the bells and whistles but just no good at cuting.

    PS i have nothing against Ozito, i have some of their 18v battery tools and they are ok for the price

    also this saw is super noisy.

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      Sounds like it's not fit for purpose, which means under Aus Consumer Law you are well within your rights to return it for a full refund.


        I didn't have time to return it at first and now it's been sitting in the box for 6 months already.

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      That's unlucky, luckily I've always found Bunnings pretty reasonable with returns.

      We have the 10" version, seems pretty good. Maybe ask if you can return the one you have and pay the extra for the 10" one.


        Yeah, I've got the 10" version too. It may not be perfectly 90 degrees, but I rarely need things to be perfectly accurate, so to me it's certainly fit for purpose, and good value.

        FWIW, I agree with it being extremely noisy though…


      With any mitre saw you need to ensure it is square the first time and every now & again. It doesn't come out of the box 100% accurate


        With this saw i have to readjust/check EVERY cut!
        The 90° lock is "floating" and can be close to a degree off, there is no way to adjust/fix this.

        BUT I do understand that half a degree off is acceptable for some work. Not for me though.


    Becareful with these. I bought one a few months ago to cut bamboo flooring.. cut like a knife through butter and I had no issues at all. Until one afternoon the blade wouldn't stop spinning after I just made a cut. I ended having to turn the machine off at the power point.. I let it settle for a minute, turned power on at pointpoint and the blade started spinning as if I had pulled the trigger. Boxed it up took it back to the store and got a refund.


      The handle(close to the on/off switch) does get very hot on mine too. I wouldn't be surprised if it failed at some point.