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Ghost Recon Wildlands $24 (PS4/XBOX1 Only) @ BigW


Looks like one of the best prices around.
If only I could find this price for PC… hope you console guys enjoy the price.

Titanfall 2 also for $24… check out the other prices there.

(Credit to ablecross from WP for picking this up)

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    (profanity) I’ve been wanting this cheap on pc as well ☹️

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    Those that have played it, is it any good?

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      I played it when it was free to play for a weekend. Was fun. Quite like Far Cry (i.e. stuff respawns), but with 3 squad mates that really opens up in co-op.



        Cool. Will give it a go.


    Wow thanks, another one to add for the shopping list tomorrow!


    Not many BigWs around.

    Jb hifi has the same price $24. Heaps of JB's close by.

    I pulled the trigger too early at target for $29 delivered because not many BigW close by did not see the jb deal :(

    Just $5 I keep telling myself, its ok. its ok.