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Sim City: Complete Edition PC $14.99 (50% off), Origin Download


For $15 you'll get some fun hours from this. Original release was very buggy, but this version is much improved, and has all the DLCs.

Experience the newest version of SimCity - the greatest city-simulator of all time. This collection is packed with an expanded core game, the SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack, and the Amusement Park, Airship, French, British and German City sets. Create the city you desire and make choices that will shape your city and the Sims in it. Focus on industry, or consumerism and your economy will soar – but at the expense of your Sims' health as pollution spreads. Implement green technology and improve your Sims’ lives while risking higher taxes and unemployment. The choice is yours.


Play Offline or Online: The choice is yours. Play anytime, anywhere.

Depth of Simulation: Unprecedented depth of simulation, where everything you see is simulated even down to each individual Sim in your city.

Specialize in What You Love: Mold your city as a casino resort, a manufacturing hub, a haven for thrill seekers, a consumer-driven mega-corporation, a green utopia, and more. Then watch as a unique look and feel spreads throughout your city.

Build into the Sky: Create even denser cities by building upward with towering multi-zone MegaTowers that allow your Sims to live, work, and play without ever having to touch the ground.

True Multi-city Scale: Play a single city or up to 16 cities at once and track population, wealth, education and happiness across your region.

The complete SimCity box set: Includes the expanded core game, the SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack, plus five digital content sets.

Base Game
Do you have what it takes to build a metropolis from scratch? Find out in SimCity, a game that tasks you with planning the layout and infrastructure of a fully simulated city. Create a single city or up to 16 cities at once, then track the education, wealth, happiness, and more of your region and the Sims that live in it. Anyone can build a city – but it takes a good mayor to make one thrive.

Plumbob Park
Just drop this scenic park anywhere in your city and watch your Sims revel in the great outdoors! Make your Sims happier, entice more to come to your city and improve your rating as Mayor.

Cities of Tomorrow
What kind of future will you build for your city? The Cities of Tomorrow expansion lets you decide, evolving your cities with futuristic tech and all new city specializations. Want to create an environmentally friendly metropolis that runs on clean technology? No problem. Or, create the ultimate resource-hungry mega corporation to transform your city into a giant money-making machine. Just keep an eye out for giant, destructive robots. They're not terribly fond of cities.

Heroes and Villains Set
With the Heroes and Villains Set, you can place and upgrade the Evil Villain Lair to unleash a crime wave or create your own Super Hero HQ to keep your Sims safe. Will you order up some mayhem with the Evil Dr. Vu, or will you summon MaxisMan to combat crime and save the day?

City Sets
British City Set: Place your own Big Ben and watch the nearby buildings adopt England's classic Georgian-style architecture. Sensible and practical, these boxy brick buildings bring a classic British feel to your town. Plop in some iconic red double decker buses and your miniature London will be ready for hordes of tourists.

French City Set: Place the iconic Eiffel Tower and watch your city adopt the renowned architecture that makes Paris one of the most recognizable cities in the world. With warm stone facades and familiar circular layouts, this authentic French feeling really brings the decadent "City of Light" to your town.

German City Set: Place the renowned Brandenburg Gate and see your city transform to the look and feel of classic German architecture. These buildings mesh together an old gothic look with the half-timbered look that makes Germany's colorful, red-roofed architecture so iconic. With all kinds of flowers and boutiques calling out from windows and shops, tourists are sure to stop by this quaint little section of town.

Airships Set
Take to the skies!

Float tourists into your city with the Airship Hangar or add the Commuter Airship Mooring to help the morning commute. Your city will soar to new heights with enormous airships drifting through your city. Two included Hot Air Balloon Parks will lift your Sims' spirits and raise the neighborhood's land values. Gasp in wonderment as lumbering blimps hover above your stadiums during events. Fill your city with airships with the Airships set and see your city really take off.

Amusement Park
Build thrills.

Create your own customized, fun-filled amusement park! Build your park around your city's terrain and layout using amusement park paths. Your amusement park will benefit both locals and tourists alike as they fill your park, riding all the rides and shopping at the concessions. Take your pick from three themed entrances to bring Sims into your amusement park. Draw tons of tourists to your theme park city and watch them stay in your hotels and spend money in your shops!

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  • +3

    SimCity - the greatest city-simulator of all time.


  • Runs off to grab the popcorn…

  • +5

    buy Cities: Skylines when it's on sale, which coincidentally it is now

    thank me later

    • Yes, it does sound like the better game, although this has some fun looking DLC with it.

  • This game is aids. Avoid.

  • Don't support EA, they have ruined too many great game companies already.

  • i'm filled with sense of pride and accomplishment when i know i don't buy games from EA anymore, except Titanfall 2, it was pretty good

  • +1

    Doesn't seem bad considering it includes all the DLCs. I'm a Civ V sort of person so this might be interesting for me.

    • I enjoyed the other Sim City titles, especially 4. I remember the uproar when 5 was released cause of no offline mode, that uproar was justified. But yeah for the new-age pcgame snobs go for Cities: Skylines, cause that's what you grew up on and know best. Simcity is still a great series in it's own right, leading the way. It doesn't deserve the hate.

      Anyway Danielh at that price for the complete I don't think you can go wrong :)

      • Don't think I can get it for $15 anymore. :-(

        I ended up getting Civ 6 (loving it) and Player Unknown (NOT loving it).

        • Actually I finally got the time and decided to buy it today also.. and yeah no more $15!! GAAHHH

        • @ninjataki: Give it a few weeks and it will be even cheaper. :-)

        • @danielh: yep back to $15 now

        • @ninjataki: damn. The deluxe edition is even cheaper than the standard edition lol.
          Now to procrastinate about whether to buy or not. To be honest if it was on steam I would have clicked buy already but Origin makes me hesitate.

        • @danielh:
          Whats the go with Origin?is it bad?? Ive never used Steam or Origin, are they like game portals or something?

        • @ninjataki: Nah, more a preference to minimise my gaming software catalog. Right now I have Steam and uPlay as my primary ones and if I start to purchase more games on Origin I'll probably have that opening up at start up every time and inadvertently using up more of my system resources.

        • @danielh: Ah I see, resource hogging. Do they work like on the Xbone, once you buy the title it'll always be in Steam/Origin memory and can be downloaded/played so long as you have an account?

        • +1

          @ninjataki: yes. Makes it convenient when you rebuild a new PC.

        • @danielh: Sweet, yeah just like xbone. Managed to get Simcity running on my old ati hd2600! (which just happens to be the minimum spec card listed for it to run). Took a lot of work arounds though, thanks to amd not supporting the card anymore for win 10 onwards. Learned some new tricks so very happy. Merry Christmas :)

        • +1

          @ninjataki: Merry Christmas. I decided to not get the game. Mainly because my friend who is a massive SimCity fan said not to bother as he knew my game preferences and this would not be something I would like.

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