This was posted 2 years 1 month 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Prusa MK2S 3D Printer Kit $599 USD (~$787 AUD) + Free Shipping (Save $100) @ Prusa


Prusa currently offer free shipping on their i3 MK2S 3D printer:
"As part of our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special Offer Promo, similarly as we did in the last year, we're offering FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE on the Original Prusa i3 MK2S kits and printers. Offer ends on 11/27 at MIDNIGHT PST/ 28.11. 8:00 GMT."

This is normal price with savings on shipping (US $100 with UPS).
The link is for the printer kit not the fully assembled printer.
The fully assembled one is $899 USD - approx. $1,180 AUD - need to add GST and custom duty on top of that :-(

I bought the kit myself, waiting now to be shipped. They say to allow up to a week for processing.

Previous deal was for $699 with free shipping:

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    Also worth mentioning hobbyking have free shipping for orders over $50 from Australia warehouse or free shipping for orders over $150 from international warehouses. This makes some of their printer filaments better priced:


      I dont think it works for filaments. I tried ordering 20 spools from HK warehouse and I was getting $200 shipping cost

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        It worked for me yesterday for AU warehouse, the shipping was $0.
        Even with shipping from AU warehouse they are still better priced for eSun filaments.
        Unfortunately when paying with PayPal they charge in USD and couldn't use the 20% off Amex offer :-(


        Free shipping excludes HK warehouse all together
        It's max 22-32kg per order depending on which warehouse
        Euro warehouses is only free shipping to eu destinations for over $50 usd
        USA warehouse is only free shipping to USA destinations for over $50 usd
        Aus warehouse is only free shipping to Aus only destinations for over $50 usd

        It's right at the bottom of
        It was kinda sneaky of them to exclude HK , but….. "BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!!"


      Their filaments are only slightly above jaycars though.


        Jaycar sales them for $49.95 per 1kg. That's almost twice as much as what you can get delivered from HK AU warehouse ($6.95 delivery for me).
        Apparently eSun is a decent brand and could get them for about $35 delivered.
        I am still trying to find a local filament supplier that doesn't charge 50% more than what you can get online. Aldi deal was good but that is history now.


    Very very tempted, as I was last time.

    Was hopeful it might be available on an order of the new MK3 kit but no luck.

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      you won't see a price this good again - the mk3 is moreand the future moving ahead. mk2s is still plenty good


        I know. But I also know I will want to upgrade it to a Mk III and so I am trying to be patient… Still considering it, I have a few hours yet before I panic impulse buy.


    I'm sure nothing can beat Prusa but I went ahead and bought Creality CR-10. :)


      Good choice.


      I was tossing between creailty and prusa and choose the latter only due to issues with the uneven bed on cr10 and other upgrades required to make it reliable.
      This added to the cost of cr10 wich is already about $450 - $500 delivered from gearbest/bangood etc. and I wouldn't expect much of customer service or warranty from them.
      Having said that once you get it up and running it is quite good from what others say and has a huge printing area which is a big plus.

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    This is pretty much the bee's knees in 3d printers - the best quality, and ease of use for sub $3,000 printers. Best manual for setting it up (it's well documented and updated frequently from community feedback to make it easier), and it's pretty much premodded to work great.

    Linear advance is a feature ready to go in this that will need a lot of tweaking before it gets added to others for example.


    Sorry to hijack the post, but looking there are a few experts here, I am looking at buying a second hand wanhao i3 with lots of mods, the owner is also selling with $200 worth of filaments according to him:

    "It's the wanhao duplicator 2.0 very similar to ALDI's model .. there is lots of upgrades.. so hard to explain… Z brace mod. Cooling mod. Belt tensioner mod. Microswiss hot head…And more…. I have lots of spares plus all parts for make the printer faster with Bowden extruder… Plus all the IKEA enclosure with led light… Price is not negotiable because if I don't sell I'm still happy.. and just the spools value more than 200$..
    I'm selling because I'm too busy for use it"

    for $500, is it a good deal? I never owned one and I'm sure I would do all the mods etc to make it better so what appeals to me is that all the mods are done already. YAY or NAY? Thanks guys.


      2.0 is trash without the 2.1 upgrades, but I assume they've done that if they have the other upgrades done.

      Microswiss upgrade is a ~$150-200 upgrade by itself. Enclosure and z brace are reasonably cheap but time heavy investments for parts. So price alone I'd say it's probably worth it.

      I'm not sure if it would be a great first printer though with all the mods done? Mods are great but in practice it means something to be mindful of when diagnosing something isn't working.

      Also in context of this post, for $287 more you can get an very first user friendly printer that will last a long time. It's more money for sure though.


        after reading a lot of reviews I decided to go for a CR10, looks better and for a bit more I can print much bigger pieces. thanks for the input tho. :)

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