Help me spend my $100 The Good Guys Credit

So I have $100 credit from the last click and collect credit offer, and I need to spend it by tomorrow. Thought I’d take advantage of whatever specials they have at the moment. I dont actually ‘need’ anything, but am stuck with what to do.

1) Daughter wants a camera for Xmas, she is turning 9. Do I add some $$ and get her this?

2) Do I buy something for me…. only thing I’m really after is a Bluetooth speaker so I can listen to Apple Music easily at home. They have this for $78 but I don’t know if it’s any good.

Or do I just add $49 and grab a Google Home? Is the speaker ok for listening to music with? What else can I do with it?

Clearly I’m not very tech-savvy. Help a girl out please!

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    George foreman electric bbq, love it.

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    Look at the Panasonic Mini System 300W
    $227 - I have one - its great - can play your other music through bluetooth

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    I’d avoid the camera unless your daughter really wants to become a professional or serious enthusiast - cameras are going the way of dedicated GPS devices and MP3 players (ie replaced by smartphones).

    The speaker options would depend on what kind of space you’re putting the speaker. On the bedside table then google home mini would be sufficient. Look at the for some recommended Bluetooth speakers.

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    Google Home is good value - but its not portable and needs to be plugged in.
    If you want a portable bluetooth speaker that sounds great - the UE Boom 2 @ $146 is excellent:

    The ones under $100 are all a bit tinny so pay the extra.

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    1 - Identify what you would like.
    2 - Check if Harvey Norman has the same.
    3 - Call both and ask for the best price.
    4 - If Harvey Norman has the better price then get a price match (or even beat it) from Good Guys. Don't tell them you have a voucher.
    5 - Then buy it using the Voucher. Even if the item is over $100, then you will save the difference via the negotiation with both retailers.

    I'd advise that you spend over $100 so you can use the voucher to its full credit considering that it will expire


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    I second the above except i’d replace Harvey with J.B. Hifi or some other online place as Harvey’s sticker prices aren’t usually the lowest of the retailers.

  • Get 2 google home mini's @ $54 each ;)

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  • The credit expired yesterday, the Google Home Minis weren’t discounted until this morning.
    I ended up adding $48 and getting the Google Home. I was going to get a Bluetooth speaker, so figured I’d get this as if I didn’t like it I’ll be able to sell it.

    All in all, the speaker is pretty good for listening to music. If they had the $54. Deal on yesterday, I would have bought the two minis.
    My kids love it so far though. The amount of stupid questions they have asked, I’m unsure why it hasn’t self combusted yet!

  • Glad to hear you’re enjoying the purchase!

    Asking Google Home about animal/vehicle sounds is particularly fun for little kids.

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