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Logitech UE Boom 2 $135.20 Collect / Free Delivery @ Myer eBay


Similar price to the last time it was posted. Available in various colours - Black, Blue, Cashmere, Red and stone.

Free Delivery (est 4-5 days)

Original PMYER 20% off at Myer eBay Deal Post.

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    Any opinions on this vs JBL Flip 4 vs Sony XB20 ?

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eELisPqno2s

      Awesome reviewer and does comparisons on similarly priced units.

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      The XB20 sounds the best of the bunch. It's also the cheapest. At $78 nothing comes close in terms of value. The Flip 4 is nice but has too much high end and can sound shrill. Boom 2 is lacking bass compared to either units and also has boosted highs which makes it sound tinny.

      XB20 vs Flip 4

      If you really need waterproofing go with the Flip 4 (Sony is only splashproof). The Flip 4 also has more battery life than either the Sony or UE. Otherwise the Sony would be my pick. The only issue with the Sony is that the changes the sound pretty drastically at different volume levels, you may have to play with the EQ on the app and toggle the extra bass button to get the best sound for the particular volume level.

      EDIT: Just seen the Flip 4 going for $79 at Myer so the value is now closer to the Sony. While the Sony sounds better, the Flip being the same price makes it more attractive considering the extra battery life and waterproofing.

      • I owned a JBL Flip 4 and UE Boom 2 for a month each.

        For my listening tastes, the JBL is tinny and sibilant while the UE is somewhat boomy and mushy at the bottom end. The difference is that you can adjust out some of the boom using equaliser settings on your phone, but you can't really stop the sibilance.

        The UE also easily bests the Flip 4 battery life by about 50% in real world (i.e. higher volume) usage.

        For me, the UE was totally worth the extra money, because I couldn't stand the JBL sound.

        • The UE also easily bests the Flip 4 battery life by about 50% in real world (i.e. higher volume) usage.

          Really? Pretty much every review I've seen claims otherwise. Some examples:

          JimsReviewRoom - tested @ 50% volume:

          Boom 2 - 10 hrs 20
          Flip 4 - 14 hrs with battery still remaining

          Clavinetjunkie - tested @ full volume:

          Boom 2 - 1 hr 39
          Flip 4 - 3 hrs 52

          the JBL is tinny and sibilant while the UE is somewhat boomy and mushy at the bottom end.

          While I agree the Flip 4 is definitely has emphasised highs I don't think tinny is quite the word for it. To me, tinny implies lack of bass which isn't how I'd describe the Flip 4 at all. It goes plenty low for a portable speaker (65hz).

        • @pizzip: Mine is always at 75% volume and the Flip was getting 6 hours max (I am not kidding), the Boom gets about 9. At full volume both sound like crap.

          Maybe tinny wasn't quite right (bright would be better), but I didn't feel the Flip's bass was anything to write home about either.

      • agreed. SonyXB20 is a great product for its price. You can't expect the same level of clarity as you would in more expensive products such as the bose sound mini 2 but a really great unit nonetheless.

  • Personal Opinion

    Better than flip 4 for parties, bassier (as much as it can be anyway) and louder and better battery life plus link up app. Flip 4 is sharper and sounds 'smaller' in comparison, more like a wonderboom (And priced accordingly). Never heard sony next to it though. UE boom 2 is an excellent purchase but costs more than flip 4. swings and roundabouts really. None are hifi but they're fine for most people I'd imagine.

    • +1

      The Boom 2 has a freq boost at around 200hz but has a very sharp roll off starting around 100hz. The Flip 4 goes way lower (starts rolling off at 65hz).

      Here's a good video with audio captures and freq response graphs. Using decent headphones, to my ears the Flip 4 is definitely bassier. The Boom has pretty much no lower bass at all in comparison.

      • on paper, totally. I also heard reviews. It is good, but is still not the same as putting both speakers next to each other and playing the same track.

        As I said, how they sound is a personal experience. I would rather have bought a second Boom 2 than a Flip 4, but it's not a bad device by any stretch. Other may prefer the Flip 4's sound. Neither are "better" devices because of it, they're different. Sound is all personal, I don't like the Bose much but they are apparently the 'best". Id rather have robustness and a good sound than 'perfect' sound in a fragile device. Again, YMMV.

        Best thing is to visit a JB where they're set up together and BT your phone/favourite track to both.

  • This or the jbl charge 3

    • +1

      Tried both and went for Charge 3 . Overall better sound

    • +2

      Charge 3. Has twice the battery life and can charge things. Sound is subjective but compared to the Charge 3 the Boom 2 is very lacking in bass.

      If you can't try them out in store and have decent headphones (not earpods or cheap earbuds), listen to some comparisons on YT.

      Flip 4 vs Boom 2

      Charge 3 vs Megaboom

      Charge 3 vs Flip 4 for comparison

  • I actually prefer these over the BOSE SoundLink.

    Never been a fan of the BOSE sound signature. Sure there's bass and treble but absolutely no clarity. Just a booming sound.

    UE Boom in stereo mode gives a lovely room filling sound that is a lot better in my opinion.

    • I agree. I still prefer my old ue over my bose. Might sell it.

  • Cheers OP, grabbed one as an xmas pressie for a friend :)

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      You must be a good friend

    • +3

      hey its me, ur friend

  • I have had my original UE Boom for years and it is amazing. Hopefully there will be a 3 in the near future.

  • +6

    Still spewing about that Good Guys $18 deal a while back. That would've been the professional's dream!

  • I have some myer gift cards, do the stores price match the ebay store?

    • Nope but you can give it a try

      • Me too - let me know how you go.

  • How are these better than the Logitech X50?

    • +1

      One is smallish apple, the other one is bigger apple.

      Which makes you full?

      Ps: There is also a Mega apple too, FYI.

    • +1

      I had an x50 and x100. They are great for really small spaces (e.g. your car), spoken word (e.g. podcasts) and for being really light with good battery life (great for camping or bushwalking.)

      For volume and sound quality there is no contest. The Boom 2 is about four times as loud and sounds three times as good (on my made up subjective scale). I don't even use my x50 for music anymore, it's strictly a podcast device now and if I'm going somewhere where I don't want to carry much weight.

  • For those wondering, these are the ones that can be paired. Linky

  • +1

    Critical battery please charge!

  • Will wait for a good bargain on JBL extreme as I'm addicted to Base!

  • If you price match this at Officeworks you should get an extra 5% off.

  • Is this out of stock?

    • Marked expired, as listings have been deleted

      I strongly doubt they are actually out of stock. Probably pulled it once they reached a certain quota.

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