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JBL Flip 4 Speakers $79.20, Logitech UE Wonder Booms $79.20, Sony MDR-XB650BT on-Ear Headphones $111 @ Myer eBay

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    Bargain price for the Flip 4.

    At this price I'd say it's the best overall value BT speaker. While the sound isn't quite as good as the Sony XB20 (the Flip can be a little shrill due to boosted high end), the extra battery life and waterproofing puts it ahead of the XB20 for most situations.

    EDIT: Only showing click and collect for the white Flip 4, anyone else having that issue?

    • yes, and no store available in nsw

  • Anyone know if 2 Flip 4's are better than a single JBL Charge 3 or XB30 etc?

    2 Flip 4's should be louder (or just cover a wider sound space), but what about sound quality?

    • The speakers in the charge 3 and the xb 30's are better quality than what you'd get from two flip 4's. I'd personally go with the xb 30 as the sound quality in that in great, much better than its predecessor, charge 3 used to be my fave before sony released the new xb line.

      • Yeah, from trying them out at the local JB, XB30 definitely sounds amazing for its size, I've just never had a chance to listen to a pair of smaller speakers (Flip 4/XB20). I think being able to play them in stereo mode is also a nice feature as well.

        • I've played them to compare, I used to hate the sony's cause they were rubbish, but I have to admit, they've done well this time around with the new ones and they're better priced too.

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      I have the Charge 3 and used to have the XB30 (BT was a bit iffy so returned it). I'd say two Flip 4's would be a better "experience" than either as the extra stereo separation would be a pretty big improvement. It'll also be louder than the Charge 3 (not sure about the XB30, one Flip 4 is almost as loud as the Charge anyway). Also the ability to have them playing in different rooms is pretty awesome.

      Sound quality, the XB30 is better than either. Charge vs Flip depends on your preferences. The Charge is fuller and sounds larger than the Flip but is a little muffled. The Flip is very detailed but sounds pretty shrill due to the boosted high end.

      Here's a vid of two Flip 4's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8KJeZgOjFA

      • Thanks, that video was really informative, but now it has made it even more difficult to choose LOL

      • I havent tried the XB30 but would totally agree with your assessment of the flip4 compared with the Charge 3. while 2 flip 4s would improve the stereo performance,I would also observe that one charge 3 would be a better portable solution though.

  • The UE wonderboom is also on sale for a similar price. Floats, more detail in SQ but breaks up at high volumes.

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    after watching some youtube videos, the JBL Flip 4 is the best buy!

    just grabbed a white one

  • no click & collect for flip 4?

  • Bought a white Flip 4. Online reviews very promising;-)

  • only red color avail now

  • Dont you hate it when you just bought smtg and then it pops up on ozbargain a week later $20 cheaper! Damn you ozb, you unmade my dayyyyyy

  • Does anyone know if Myer gift cards can be used on the eBay store?

    • They can not

  • JBL Flip 4 … or Tronsmart T6