Clothing for "Rugby Player Build"

Hoping someone can help. After years of weight lifting and martial arts training, I'm finding it hard to find decent fitting clothes for my build. The "in thing" is skinny and slim fitted clothes, that simply do not fit me. Finding some standard sizes are also a struggle

Obviously, I want to look good in the clothes I wear. But I'm also not looking to lose muscle mass if I can help it. There are many, many bigger guys than me, so I would have thought this would be something that would be more widely catered for

I have broad shoulders and chest, with thicker arms. I'm 5'11 and 90kgs, currently fitting size large in tshirts, and 41 collar shirts. Also have thicker legs and a bit in the seat. Waist is 34/87, but I have to go to 36-38 sometimes in order to be comfortable in pants and shorts

I'm by no means the size or proportions of a body builder. But just thick/large enough to make finding decent fitting clothes a pain. I've been asked a few times if I'm a rugby player based on my build, so that's probably the best summary for visualisation.

Saving grace for pants has been Levi's 541 athletic fit — although they seem to be phasing these out in Aus. And surprisingly, Target's new flex range of jeans have been awesome

Coming into summer, I need to get some new clothes. so I'm seeking recommendatios for what will work with my build.

Some things I'm looking out for are:

  • Shorts (denim / cargos)
  • Board shorts
  • Business attire (suits, trousers and shirts)
  • Polo and button up shirts
  • General clothing

Anyone else have a similar challenge and have some recommendations on brands and styles? Obviously, this is Ozbargain and I'm interested in keeping costs low. But I'm willing to invest if needed




    Johnny Bigg?


      I'm not tall enough, or large enough,alas
      Their smallest size seems to be XL and they run long

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    When it comes to pants, especially business pants, I always check the composition of the material. No elastane = no buy. Without elastane, the pants rip so quickly in the crotch area which can send the wrong message to your colleagues and worst clients…
    There are plenty of cheap business pants with elastane on sites like asos or the iconic. Brands like "asos" make these types of pants, are cheap, but tend to be lower in quality.


      Any particular brands you've found to be worthwhile quality?

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        As I can't go pass a cheap price and my inclination to have a bias of price over quality, I have regularly purchased the 'ASOS' business pants. They do last a decent amount of time before ripping. Definitely more than a year.
        I've also recently found the brand "Staples Superior" on "The ICONIC" and their chino pants are great!
        If you find any other good brands, please let me know!


          I'm yet to have any pants rip while on the job, and this is a trend is like to continue. Twas hoping you'd come back with how some of he cheaper pants had held their own haha
          Naivity at its finest?


    I am similar build and find Gazman to be good for shirts, but the best thing I ever did was get shirts (and a couple of suites) tailor made in Bangkok.

    Not only do the shirts fit perfectly, but they are made from higher quality fabric and I can order more with a simple email as my tailor has all my measurements on file. The suits are fantastic as well. I didn't get any polo-style shirts made, but they make just about anything you can wish.

    Sure it's an expensive route if you factor in flights etc, but a three piece suit for $300, shirts for $40 - if you can ever key it in with a holiday it is well worth the cost. Other places you can get good tailoring Hong Kong (more expensive these days) Vietnam (cheap, but lots of dodgy tailors, need to do your research first, a bit like BKK), Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur….

    As for Jeans (I'm not a denim shorts guy, more of a cargo man) I mainly wear Levis as they last me a long time and, being a outdoors worker I tend to shop for shorts and shirts at workwear suppliers. Makers like Yakka, Bisley, King Gee make very hard-wearing clothing and in a lot of casual styles (it isn't all navy drill and Hi-vis).

    Also I find outdoor suppliers like Columbia, Outdoor Research, Vigilante good for shirts, tshirts and jackets


      Thanks! I'll check them out.

      For Levi's, do you also go for the 541s? Or just their standard shorts?

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        541's and 501's

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    I feel your pain. I too am too sexy.


    This is OzBargain. Savings that look like hand-me-downs come before size and fit.


      This is OzBargain. Best size and fit for the cheapest price available for that product / high quality substitute.


    just get a few rugby jerseys and shorts.


    man! all the way tailored clothes! It Is hard for an athlete to get clothes and don't look bad, either too baggy or too tight. And suits and shirts are the worse


    Lowes ?