Upgrading PC - Wait for Amazon, or na?


I want to upgrade my PC, but I have quite the list of parts that I would love to save on. Would it be better to wait for Amazon to launch? Waiting a bit, even for the prices to lower MAY give me the time to wait for Intel's next gen lineup, but ughhh patience is hard

Inno3d 1080/1080Ti
EK A240G kit
8700k OR wait for cannon lake?
z370 mobo
144hz display
ddr4 ram

Would I get a better deal here, or should I just bite the bullet the next eBay 10/15/20% sale?



    What's your current setup…


      i7 3770 + GTX 660. Good enough for Overwatch 75hz, but I suffer from sudden fps drops and enjoying the scenery of AAA titles.

      I desperately want a 144hz panel, though. I rank relatively highly, and play a hero who requires constant movement and fluid tracking.

      The problem is that if I upgrade my monitor now, I'll need to upgrade my GPU. Would it be better to wait for these two parts on Amazon, or buy them at the next eBay sale?

      • Probably will settle for a 1070 or at most a 1080 for 144hz at 1080p.
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    Probs na yeah.

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    If you use the current prices of non kindle items on amazon.com.au as a guide.
    The prices don't differ much from other retailers, so maybe wait for a 20% off Technology sale from eBay.


    Bite the bullet the next ebay 20% off sale.

    I would definitely recommend upgrading your gfx first, unless you have that overwhelming itch to toss everything and start afresh - you can always upgrade cpu/mobo/ram later.

    Go the 1080ti if you have the cash, nothing else touches it at the moment. However, the next-gen nvidia cards are allegedly coming in Q1 2018, so if you can hold out, do so. A 1070 would do you short term, but if you upgrade your panel as well, go the 1080ti.

    If you upgrade your gfx, and still find out your fps sucks (a 3770 might be the bottleneck at 1080p >= 100fps), then upgrade everything else - either 8700k, or if you can wait, cannon lake or maybe ryzen 2 next year.


    I worked with amazon few times but never to "upgrade". They have good deals every now and then but it is hard to find exactly what u want, specially if u r looking for something in particular.