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    Does the VPN unlimited keep logs? finding conflicting reports online.


      from what I know, i dont think so lol


      Yes they keep logs as proved by their own admission.

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      no need to be confused. They do log what you do and they are happy to hand over the logs to anyone that requests them


      PureVPN are not to be trusted at all

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        Here's the lowdown. I've gone and done the research myself.
        In short, VPNs are not a panacea. The tracking/linking can still be done between your ISP and someone like Google without engaging your VPN provider. The same outcome (eluded to by donkey) would almost certainly have been achieved through any VPN provider.

        The references I suggest you read are:-
        1. Paragraph 51 and 52 of this affidavit

        1. Read TorrentFreak's summary which I independently confirmed as much as possible (including a personal response from PureVPN to me)

        2. Read emptywheel's explanation for why the VPN provider was irrelevant to confirming the identity in this case.

        3. Lastly, read what PureVPN had to say about the incident,

        I believe PureVPN did nothing willingly. Without collaboration from an ISP and Google, there would have not been any evidence. If both ends of the link say "the user uses PureVPN" and the Gmail account is that of the person logging onto the ISP, the evidence is overwhelming. Also, if your VPN host has a node in the US (or likely any 5 eyes country) that was used, that VPN host must comply with federal authorities within the scope of that jurisdiction.

        As far as VPNs go, I have no evidence that PureVPN is not the most secure VPN. I can understand why this happened to PureVPN.

        If anyone has something more specific than what I've posted, please add it. I'm quite tired of misleading comments. As somebody else mentioned, the minute a VPN business tracks the number of simultaneous users linked to an account (eg. To avoid one customer giving the same account to 1000 friends), that's the minute that you can be tracked. The linkage of the gmail account by Google to a PureVPN node was a cherry on top.

        I hope this post helps. We are swamped with fake news (especially from trusted sources like newspapers) and I have taken the time to clarify the situation because the last thing we need is more of it.

        If you use Google, Facebook, or Twitter, don't bother with a VPN if your activities are not strictly legal. In this instance, the allegations from the affidavit paint a picture of a guy who deserved to be taken down. However, the exposure from Silicon Valley companies will bring you down for much smaller indiscretions. These companies have no loyalty to you.

        If you want an example of the Silicon Valley problem, read up on Twitter's blue tick and how they make up the rules on the fly with absolutely no rhyme or reason. I've seen death threats, threats of violence and extreme racism where people have been excused by Twitter. Yet, others who have never expressed threats, violence or racism have been banned or had their tick removed because Twitter didn't like what they had to say. I'm finished my research for today. You can find the articles easily about Twitter and it's manipulative games. These Silicon Valley companies are all pretty much the same.

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    Awesome stuff.


    bummer! my year sub just renewed 10 days ago…


    Edit - Link is to Keepsolid VPN
    PureVPN deal is linked here


    Thanks OP.. also got the $10 referral credit


    Access US Netflix?

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    Fancy having a VPN that keeps better logs than your ISP… :)


    fastest and cheap p2p VPN?
    any cheap VPN that works for US Netflix?


    "Coupon has expired."

    On application of code. Anyone got another that works?