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[PC] DRM-Free - Die Young (Has 83% Positive Rating on Steam) - Indiegala


Until the end of the year you can download Die Young DRM free directly from Indiegala who are the publishers (and developers?) of this game.
It is the full game and has all the content as of the time of downloading.

The difference to the Steam version is that this DRM-free version will not get future updates (if there are any).
However, this is a great opportunity to try the full game (in your own time and at your own pace) and if you like it then you can later buy the Steam version which will be kept updated.

Here is the link for the game on Steam:


And a final note: If you play the DRM free version your saved games are compatible with the Steam version. So if you buy the game on Steam in the future you will not have to start over (from the website).


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  • I was looking for this one , thanks pal. I hope that 7z archive download is less that 8 hours :p

  • 4.7Gb for anyone wondering how big this is.

  • +1

    it keeps telling me to log in but im already logged in… anyone just have a link fro the drm download?

  • +1

    Almost bought this on the recent Steam sale, but wasn't really sure about it. Rapt that I can give it a good try now.
    Thanks very much for this Lysander and thanks for the direct link, Vector18. Was having the same log in issue.

    • +1

      No problem :) I've been on Ozbargain for a few years now but I decided to sign up yesterday just to post that link!

  • video review for those still unsure
    linked reviewer above approves it and he's usually spot on

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