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Sennheiser CX 3.00 Earphones $64 @ Harvey Norman


Was looking for a pair of these and found this deal on at Harvey Norman. $89 at JB and they were happy to price match for me. Great pair of earphones

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  • I need a pair of noise-cancelling headphones/earphones that are made for voices, not music. I don't want bass, I need to hear voices from recorded interviews, phone calls, etc, clearly. Can anyone recommend anything? :)

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      If you are after critical listening, i would suggest a studio monitor such as these:
      The 250 ohms has less bass than the 80 ohms but it is better for detailed listening so that's probably more suited for your use.

      • thanks!

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          250 ohm version also benefit from an amplifier, DT770's re not noise cancelling.

          Any earphones should be able to do voice, I listen to audio books on the same bass heavy earphones and headphones that I use for my music, do you need to hear minute details and voice traits?

        • @noone025: Yes, it's not for audio books and the like, it's for my (new) job. I do legal transcription and it's crucial I don't mishear any words! I've been at the job a few months now and I feel my current run of the mill in-ear buds aren't quite cutting it. Too much bass.

        • @moneymoo: Do you work with audio files on a computer? an equalizer in the player may be much more helpful than the earphones / headphones.

  • Is it still possible to buy these (non counterfeit) on ebay for about $20?

    • Last time I checked they were counterfeit models, not too sure to be honest

  • Just don't buy the sennheiser in ear momentum ones, terrible, too sharp and harsh sound.

    Have no idea what's with sennheiser, were they bought or something, build quality and sound is poor. I had the cx 3.00 II, they were great, this new series isn't good at all.

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    • Damn, was hoping I could price match. Thanks for saving me from looking.

      I am in the market for some good headphones - specifically ones for a night flight to the USA. Are these any good? I know I could probably get cheaper ones, but I've gone down that road before and it isn't really worth it.

      • OP Here, I used these on a flight from SYD to Singapore and they were great, blocked out most of the noise from the cabin without needing to max my phone's volume. After a few hours the did get a bit uncomfortable but that's probably my ears haha.

        • Thanks for the quick info update OP. How high was the music on your phone out of interest? I guess what I'm asking is how much will leak through if there is nothing playing? I'm not expecting silence, but it would be good to have some quietened cabin noise.

          After a few hours they did get a bit uncomfortable

          That's perfectly reasonable considering you are still jamming things in your ears. I wouldn't expect comfort for 14 hours, but then again flying economy (like a cheapskate :P) I think my earphone comfort will be quite a way down the list.

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