Which Forum to Post for Accommodation Rental Targeting Chinese or Taiwanese?

Good morning,

I can identify few websites from those that did a reply on https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/187940 :

  • ozdazhe
  • sydneytoday
  • ourstep forums
  • yeeyi

The list was done back then in early 2015, so I was wondering if we have updated forum or website on which I can post rental accommodation, targeting either Chinese or Taiwanese?


  • Hey tempura,

    I can't add to the conversation personally, but my colleague would know - I'll update this post in an hour's time. I'm just wondering out of curiosity, why do you specifically want to cater to this demographic for accommodation?

  • It's for my mom, she only speaks either Canto or Mando.

    As in, the accommodation is my mom's and she is renting out one of the room there.

  • Hey tempura,

    Just an update from my end:

    Apparently my colleague recommends Facebook to be your initial point of reference, and she's pointed out two groups for Mum to take a look at. It really depends on whether or not she's after short term leases or long term, I've included both for your consideration. She's also pointed out a larger group that's targeted towards Working Holiday/Backpackers, that might be of some use for you.

    Short Term/Long Term
    Working Holiday/Backpackers

    I hope this helps!

  • get taiwanese, better than mainlands

    • Where from? Do you mind posting thread or forum where Taiwanese mainly hang out for accommodation?