Weekdays Parking in Sydney CBD Enter after 9am Exit before 2pm

Fellow ozbargainers,

I am looking for a parking which fit the criteria as mentioned on the subject.

My budget is $25 or lower if possible.

All the early birds require 3 pm exit which makes my situation a tad difficult as I am bringing few kiddos with me.



  • Yeah, good luck. More like $25 an hour. Better to catch public transport. Or park at Broadway (I think it's $20 for student parking but you have to validate your ticket and park on the roof) and catch the bus down.

  • Get the "Cheap Parking" app - and try different combinations

  • Wilson Parking book-a-bay, if there's anything

    • Not for $25 in Sydney CBD. I just did a dummy booking for tomorrow with a 9 a.m. entry and a 2 p.m. exit for my preferred parking garage on Kent St and the going rate was $60. Other option was even worse at $72.

      Why do you have to drive in OP?

  • http://www.centro-parking.com.au/cinema-centre-car-park.html

    $16 for early bird but parking spots are really tight so might not be ideal for your kiddos

    • This is quite good too; I wouldn't imagine I can't fit 1x SUV there.
      I've been to this car park .. this is the one near Tetsuya right?

  • I use two different carparks for cheap weekend rates.

    1. Novotel Central Wilsons Parking

    - $20 flat rate for the entire day (no locked in entry or exit times), but if you "Book a Bay" eg book online through wilson, it is $19 ($18.50 +0.50 BF)
    - open 24 hours
    - 8 levels


    1. Secure Parking goulburn st

    - $12 all weekend (no locked in entry or exit times)
    - due to cheap rate, often used up before 11am on the weekend
    - cannot book for spot in advanced unlike Novotel Wilson Car Park
    - only open until 12am.


  • I know it's been answered but alternatively you could drive to a train station and catch the train in to the city. It's fun for kids and you don't have to deal with driving in the city which is horrendous right now. Cheaper too

    • +2 votes

      sydney trains are a joke

      • Which is why I drive to work yesterday; it was faster than catching the train and I live over 30 kilometres away from work too …

        • Conversely I'd rather sit on a train and be able to read/ check shit on my phone/ watch youtube/ play games than be stuck in traffic doing nothing. Each to their own.

          I totally disagree that Sydney trains are bad. It's a beatup

        • @one man clan: Have you caught the trains from the south-west and west lately?

          Yesterday when I drove to work, it was literally faster than driving to the station and catching the train. No numbskulls playing music out loud, no people clipping their nails, no people talking loudly on the phone …

        • +2 votes


          if a leaf fell on the train tracks it would cause mass train delays

          third world train system and we are paying out of our asses too

        • @Jason Genova: So true ahahaha just see Saturday just past … the trains on my line were THREE hours behind …

        • @one man clan:

          I totally disagree that Sydney trains are bad. It's a beatup

          Have you caught a train in the past, oh I don't know, decade or so?

        • @Jason Genova:

          Not even leaves - just rain causes delays. I've still got no idea how that works - you've got tonnes and tonnes of metal, delayed by f***ing rain. As if the people running the show were never introduced to the concept of weather.

        • @0blivion:

          Only every weekday bar holidays poor the past 20 years

        • @one man clan: Ah. Sorry, wrong end of the spectrum then. Have you ever tried the rail system in any other country?

        • @0blivion:

          Yes in a bunch of different countries. Everyone is just whinging.

          I've lived near a few different stations. Currently it costs me $3.30 for my trip, it takes about 12 minutes and trains come about every 7 minutes (or sooner if I change).

          At other stations trains come every 15 minutes. A colleague works in the city and lives in Bargo - even those trains get in every 30 minutes.

        • @one man clan:

          Yes in a bunch of different countries

          Any first world ones? Or even not first world ones? I can't think, off the top of my head, of any city in the world with a worse train network. No developed city in Asia (Tokyo, Kyoto, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, etc). No city in Europe is worse, though London and Paris have just as bad train networks.

          I mean, I guess Sydney isn't the worst, it's just tied worst. That's not much consolation imo.

        • @0blivion:

          I don't know why I'm bothering arguing but those cities train networks serve completely different needs. A service like Tokyo has in Sydney would be completely wasteful. I can remember a couple days in the last 5 years where I was really frustrated with trains, which is a very good rate.

        • @one man clan: I don't want the same kind of service that they have in Tokyo in Sydney - I really just want more reliability and punctuality. That's useful no matter where the network is.

          Maybe you just have a high tolerance. I can count 5 times in the past month, whether it be trains cancelled (no warning), delayed so much it may as well have been cancelled, the stops changed without notice. Surely expecting Sydney Trains to get those right isn't too unreasonable.

        • @0blivion: Forget the past month; more like the past week.

      • What's the punchline?

  • Light Rail is the way to go!

  • Park at the Star Casino. Short walk to Darling Harbour.

    They charge per 6 hour block and during your expected time in the city the rates should be:-
    $15 Mon-Thur
    $20 Fri - Sun + Public Hols


    There's also an offer for free parking if you eat at the Star but this might blow the budget.

    • OH WOW … so much alternatives .. never knew parking in CBD can be cheap on business hours weekdays until I posted this question.
      To tell you the truth, I was extremely sceptical.

      This is why I love you guys (ozbargainers) so much … you just know where the good stuff is.