Streamer for Netflix, YouTube, FTA TV and Google Play Movies

I've read a few threads on streaming boxes and to be quite honest, i still have no idea what people are saying. In fact, i think most people's needs and uses are well above what im looking for.

Hoping for some help here.

My needs are quite simple: i watch Netflix, youtube, FTA tv and i rent or cast movies from google play. I have a 4k tv which i'd like to take advantage of too.

Is there any streaming box that fits those needs?

From what i gather, the latest Telstra TV would come close to it? Would getting a Roku from the US be an option too even though it has US specific apps?


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    Xiaomi Mi Box, running Kodi so you can get IPTV for your FTA needs


    Foxtel Now box may suit your needs if/when they get Netflix sorted (currently not available) and is only $99.

    Tesltra TV 2 isn't a Chromecast receiver but you can connect the YouTube app to your Google account and access your Play movies that way. Fetch Mini is similar to Telstra TV but no 4K.


      i had no idea about foxtel now, it looks pretty promising and quite a lot cheaper than telstra tv.

      it looks like it has chromecast built in which would work for netflix? maybe not at 4k tho


      Would avoid the Foxtel box, it looks like they have purposely knobbled it so that it doesn't work with Netflix, etc. (Murdoch, natch)

      Get a straight Android TV box that's capable of driving 4K, and will thus do Netflix, Google Play, YouTube, Kodi, Freeview streaming apps, and probably Foxtel eventually (if you really want that).

      Obviously Chromecast is built in.


    Google Chromecast Ultra $78 from Officeworks.Plugs into HDMI port on TV. Can connect it to your home network by wifi or, better still, connect it via an Ethernet cable from your modem into the port on the Chromecast Ultra power plug. Use the Google Home App to set up the Chromecast. Open the App select setup Chromecast and follow super easy instructions. Takes only few minutes. Any App like Netflix that can use the Chromecast will show an icon at the top that you select to broadcast to your TV. Go for it, you can do it!


      i tried one at a friend's house. It definitely seems to get most of what im looking for done. My only 'complaint' is that i would need to have all the other FTA apps installed, which makes it a huge first world problem.

      I havent even seen a streamer let alone tried one, but my understanding is that i would be able to see a complete catalogue of shows on one screen? so it would be easier to choose what shows to watch.


    Can chromecast work through an amp?


    Apple TV minus the FTA?


    Why do you need to stream FTA?

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