TENS Machine - Any Cheap Units

Have heard a few friends chatting about TENS machine for relief of sore muscles, aches and pains
There are some cheap/er units available at chemists (Priceline)
Wondering if anyone had any experience or could recommend a particular model
I don't need cordless or extra fancy stuff if that makes it cheaper
Longer lasting pads and no batteries (or Eneloop friendly!) are the go


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    Have used Tens machines on and off for 4 decades.
    Back in the day, there was one only in the city I lived in (funnily enough on south coast NSW where you are 😊)… At the hospital, they would loan it out to people….one person at a time! 😊
    It's always worked well for me, moving the blood circulation in an area promotes healing due to blood flow. I think that the constant vibration may also trick the brain into forgetting about pain in that area.
    Cannot remember any brand names. I thought brand name was TENS.

    Just clip it onto your belt and buzz along. Good luck with it

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    Pretty sure I saw some on Gearbest or zapals. Also check out the 'Spooky 2' which can be used as a tens machine. (not mobile though)

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    I've used a PainEze XTRA-R TENS machine for years. The controller is miniscule at 5.5cm in length. Best I've used but not cheap. Australian made. Web site www.ezistim.com.

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    One of the best things I did for my wife was to get her a tens machine she could use for labour. I did my homework and found you can buy it outright from amazon uk for cheaper than the rental at the local hospital!

    Here's the link to the device I bought: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01H2AI4TE/ref=oh_aui_de...

    Obviously, you are just looking for general pain relief, so a different model would suit you. Hope this helps!


    What do you regard as "cheap"?

    I bought mine from Ebay a few years ago. Paid a bit less than this at the time, but it was awhile ago. Very happy with my unit.



      This is kind of what i had in mind and yeah $50 is cheap for a decent looking gadget
      I have bought a cheapie from Gearbest for $10
      If it turns out to be crap i have bookmarked this one for 2nd try

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