Best (US?) site to buy sneakers

Hi everyone,

I just joined a gym today, but desperately need new sneakers. With the dollar being the way it is, I figure I should get some online. Can anyone recommend the cheapest site to find brand name sports shoes? Also, what are good brands to buy other than Nike? I have weak knees and ankles, and want it to be supportive & cushioning, not buying them for looks.

Thanks muchly!



    There is usually always a coupon you can use with them,


      Eastbay is great…the way I have been doing it lately is I use a coupon for 20% off giftcards which are emailed to me then I make my actual purchase with a coupon for $25 of $99 (using the giftcards to pay obviously). Works out to be pretty awesome savings!!


    you can always join rebel sport or amart all sports(either one, doesn't matter because they are both owned by same company) to get a $20 gift voucher, and also obtain member prices


    Maybe you should go get fitted at Foot Locker, get their recommendations (at this point "ummm" and "ahhh" and run from the store) then buy online.


    Thanks everyone.

    Ended up getting some saucony from Eastbay with their $25 off voucher, which almost covered the shipping. Took up sparkles advice, went to sportco and got fitted to see what I needed (ended up finding out that I am extremely over pronated, so there you go!). Only annoying thing was a lot of the asics wouldn't ship out of the US. I guess I could have shipped it with hop-shop-go to US, and then here, but seemed like a hassle so I just when with another shoe.

    Most impressive thing was it only took 3 days to get from US to here. I get crappier times from Aus Post within Australia!

    Ang911 - Do you have a code for a discount off their giftcards… I think I'll be buying for my husband and kids this way also :)


      YEOL- I get emails quite often with codes for 20% off gift cards. Last month's catalogue came with a one-time use 20% off giftcard code on the cover of each one so might be worth clicking the link at the top of the Eastbay homepage to request a free catalogue and see if they still have that going.

      If you change ur settings to accept messages from other members I will send you the code I got on my catalog cos it won't be tied to an account and you should be fine to use it.


        Hey ang911

        How do you get the gift card coupons?

        I have subscribed to the 'email update sign up' at the link at the top. Although I never get anything from them and I have been subscribed since late November.


      wow 3 days from US to Aus

      that's extremely fast


    I buy all the time from Eastbay. Great online store…especially with eh US/AUD exchange rate.

    If you want Asics then they best site to buy them from is
    Bought some Kayano's from there for myself and my wife. Great price compared to anywhere in Australia.