Missed The Black Friday Ryzen Deal, Now Looking for Cheap CPU (Intel or AMD) and Motherboard

Hello everyone,

It is my first time come to OzBargain :)

I missed the Black Friday deal for AMD Ryzen.

Could you please tell me if there are any other deals for any type of CPU, motherboard and memory that I could grab currently?

Are there any deals on Boxing Day or around the Christmas in the last year? I just want to know if it is worth waiting.

Thanks a lot!


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    What were you going to get?
    B350 or X370 motherboard?

    A cheap r3-1200 cpu, a midrange r5-1600, or a high-end r7-1700?

    Just note AMD is going to announce Ryzen+ (or Ryzen 2) in Feb, and availability should be there in March.
    I don't think we're going to see more rises in core counts, but IPC looks to increase around 15% (5% architectural + 10% frequency).
    So the new 6-core should be nearly as good/equal/better than Intel's 6-core flagship.
    The 8-core is going to be where the value is going to be, if my crystal ball is to be correct.


    Hi Kangal,

    Your instructions are really helpful :)

    I intended to buy r7 1700, however I have just found its price has risen 30% after Black Friday, if I bought Ryzen now, I should be completely mad. So now I thought maybe I should go for Intel instead (and it comes with an integrated graphic card)

    The main problem is I dont know whether there would be new deals on boxing day and Christmas, so I am not sure whether I need to wait for bought the cpu and motherboard earlier.

    Thanks a lot!


      prices of computer parts fluctuate according to exchange rate (i.e. AU - USD) , supply and demand

      Computer hardware also has fairly small margins (not a lot of profit made on each sale), meaning that computer shops are unlikely to do big discounts even on Boxing Day

      Your best bet of obtaining a good deal would be buying parts from multiple sources, doing a DIY build and also keeping an eye on price drops using various price trackers
      Also setting Search Alerts on Ozbargain should assist

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