Best NBN Plan Speed in All Peaks (FTTP, Up to $120/Month)

Hi all,

Just wondering which provider has the best plan for NBN (fttp) budget is up $120 a month but would like 100mbps up/down if possible I did have a connection in the past from telstra with 100mbps however it doesnt seem to be available. Also it appears that all isp are now giving speed tiers based on peak and off-peak hours, i guess this is a good thing.

Thanks in advance


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    Without a doubt Aussie Broadband. They have download limits, though the upside of this is that they purchase the necessary amount of CVC to provide close to 100/40 download speeds during peak hours. $80 will get you 500GB, $100 will get you 1TB.

    You might want to see if their Whirlpool offer is still available:

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      Here's an active deal for 1 month free, unsure if the Double Data deal is still active though

      I am currently on Aussie Broadband HFC. I had a few issues with them during very unsuccessful and frustrating set up phase, but their assigned case manager did look after us pretty well after that.

      I am on the 100/40, 1TB ($100) plan and here's what i observe:

      peak time evenings: speed drops to about 75 mbps
      off peak / most of the time: 97 mbps, occasionally drops down to 86 mbps

      Uploads pretty consistently 38 mbps at all times.

      We are considering reducing our plan to 50/20 mbps because the sites we download from dont reach 100mbps speeds (reaching 10 MB/s very rare, more commonly 5 MB/s)

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        The 100/40 plans are more for multiple activities than lightning fast download speeds.

        e.g. a family of 5 could have 3 Netflix streams playing at once, someone playing online games and someone streaming music. You then have all the mobile phones on Wi-Fi, computers and consoles doing automatic updates etc. So the faster plan is more for ensuring that everyone can do their activities without interfering with one another.

        The 50/20 plan should be alright if you only have a few people in the house, though keep in mind that speeds could end up closer to 45/15, even though you were getting speeds over 50Mbps on the 100/40 plan.


          Very good points, we do have heaps of people and devices in the house too.

          How come the speeds would be like 45/15? I thought if the line is capable of 97/38 then capping it to 50/20 should be fine

          Example: we had Cable internet before HFC in the same house, which was marketed 30/2 speeds, optional speed boost to 100/2 which we declined. We constantly had exactly 30/2 speedtests and 3.75 MB/s download speeds which gave me the impression the line was perfectly capped to 30mbps but could perform better.

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          @R-Man: You would think so, though this is something I have come across in various Whirlpool threads / heard discussed on technology podcasts.

          Based on what I have heard, you should expect the speeds to be within 10% of 50/20. You could get lucky and receive 49.xx/19.xx, though worst case scenario it could be closer to 45/15.

          Not sure about that, there are probably some different factors in play when it comes to Telstra / Optus cable vs the NBN.


          @R-Man: If you buy 50/20, they only provision that bandwidth (maybe a little overhead) to you. They don't provision 100/40 to you then cap you to your speed - they can sell the other bandwidth to others.

          Of course, this means that if there are network traffic quality issues - so not necessarily the speed of the line but more dropped packets, it'll result in a lower effective speed. (e.g. There's data moving at 50/20, but if 10% of the data packets are corrupted/lost, then you're only getting 45/18, as an example).


        I am on the 100/40, 1TB ($100) plan and here's what i observe:

        Isn't Telstra better value than that now?

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          They charge $80 for 1TB or $99 for unmetered, though that's only the 25Mbps tier.


          Nope not at all
          $110/monthly for 100mbps tier with 1000GB
          $129/monhtly for 100mbps tier unmetred.

          We have measured our family's usage to find 1000GB is enough.

          Points of comparison:

          • 24 month contract (no contract or sign up fee with aussie)
          • Correct me if im wrong but AussieBB is one of the best to avoid congestion, they don't allow new customers to sign up if their capacity is full.
          • Aussie also do not offer unlimited plans which also reduces congestion
          • So if I got Telstra I'd do worse than 75mbps in the evenings (Telstra's guide says 60mbps typical evening)

          @R-Man: If they operate as they did previously I bet if you keep asking for 100/40 unmetered for $99 they'd do it.

          Previously their pricing has been almost ludicrously dynamic with a range of $149 for 200GB 12/1 up to $109 for 100/1 1TB with silly devices ("speed boost" etc) to encourage the user to choose to pay more instead of just asking for more etc.

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      Agree 100% AussieBB is good. Telecube also purchase enough CVC for their customers too! (I being one myself)

      Their Plans are slightly more affordable than AussieBB.


    Is this for business or home use?

    If it's for business, you can pay a little bit more (of which you can claim a tax deduction), on the plans that are designed for business. They have better support for when things don't go right and service standards that are spelled out - compensation can apply too.

    It's not a big deal for home users to have an outage for a couple of hours, but it'll be a huge deal for businesses.

    I'm on a non-business amd plan live right in the middle of the Melbourne CBD with TPG and can get close to 100Mbps off peak and around 60Mbps during peak times.

    It's never come anywhere near 100mpbs for uploads though - that usually sits at around 30Mbps (which is pretty good already).

    Telstra cable can reach speeds of over 100Mbps.


    Thanks for your feedback, Lol this is research ofcourse yes i like telstra but only when things work as it should otherwise forget about calling and making changes or disputes . But the service and price is compelling


    Be aware of the server throttling that happens. (Sony looking at you) for 1 sometimes coined "Fair use policy"

    Even though i can quite easily speed test and get 93.5/35 on a 100/40 plan it's generally quite good through TPG

    I have found setting up individual devices DNS to be helpful

    So when i say Sony is bad without the DNS change from ISP Provider's settings or defaulting router to google and which generally has a decent rate i was still getting throttled by Sony 14-22/2-3 compared to Xbox which runs happily at 75/22 there a bouts. So i looked up DNS for Sony's servers and while most people tell you to use google i get 45/12 using Sony DNS which is way better than i was with any other settings. they were i think //

    for me the upload Speed is important for some of the online games they say you need 2 upload but it seems to really need a bit more

    So if you have specific services i'd target those

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    I signed up with Telecube a little over a month ago. I'm on FTTB and get 90+ down and 30+ up at peak periods.

    They have an offer at the moment on whirlpool $69.99/month for 100/40 connection. $99 setup fee. 1tb peak and 5tb off peak.

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    Every one can give you suggestions but really it comes down to your particular area you live in, one isp might be good in some areas but crowded in others so asking randomly who has a good isp will only result in people giving you false hope as it might not be the same in your area/exchange. Best bet is to go onto whirlpool or some where and ask directly for people in what ever post code you are in who they use and what speeds they get during peak.

    just a Fyi im with telstra ( non nbn ) HFC cable getting a pretty standard 115 + mbs any day or time of the week. Im refusing to go onto the nbn due to it being a utter failure in my area and while every one is suffering very slow speeds and drop outs that last for days i never having a problem. Also im paying 89$ per month for my bundle and lets face it as soon as i go to nbn they will probably want to charge around 130ish $ per month.


      Very good advice, Kiato. Well summarised


      Thats how i was at first when i was on optus cable 100/2 didnt want to change but now enjoying every bit 100/40 and all for a extra $5 dollars all up $95.


        So who did you sign up with? I'm on Optus cable ATM just tossing up who to go with.

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          Optus nbn same plan the guy was generous to continue my plan with unlimited phone/mobile/internet/100/40/fetch.

          All from my original optus cable plan for a extra $5 making it $95.

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    Im on telecube whirlpool deal $69 per month for 100/40 with 1000gb downloads. No complaints speed is always around 80-90mbps.

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