Reselling PS4 Games with Activated DLC Codes

Hi everyone
I bought Battlefield 1 Revolution and activated the DLC code that was in the box. But I think it's aimed at multiplayer- something that I dont do.
Anyway. I now want to resell the game. Do you know if that code can be reused if I delete the game from my PS4? Should I be selling the game as the one with DLC or just sell it as a base game?


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    If you haven’t redeemed the code (typed it in to the ps store) when you sell the game you can advertise it as ‘including multiplayer unique code’ or whatever the offer on the card is.

    Unfortunately, since you used the card it is now a single player game and whoever buys it will have to pay for the multiplayer unlock for their PlayStation id.

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    It is only worth the base game price now. You also have to be honest about already activating the code.

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    Yeah the DLC is permanently tied to your account. Deleting won't do anything. You aren't able to resell it.

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