Cheap Android Auto Setup for Car

Hi Guys,

Anyone had any experience with Android Auto in car?

I am looking to replace my cars (double din) factory stereo with either a branded stereo that is compatible with Android Auto or go one of these cheap eBay options. Not familiar with either to be honest but would like to do it cheapest possible way as well.

I am a tight arse and this is OzBargain. So looking for advice.

Cheers in advance!


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    Don't buy no name crap of ebay.

    JBHI has a heap of headunits, brand names that support android auto, seen them the other day, around $400.

    You get what you pay for…… So buy cheap crap = crap


    I've had my eye on a few android head-units for a while,

    the cost to import is usually in the $400 range for a fairly old unit and a 20w amp inside. The challenge them becomes working out the cabling and DIN connectors, power setup, etc.

    Feature wise, the Sony system looks to be on the right track,

    and in the $500 range. Which usually also requires a $100+ install, a frame & button/steering compatible connection designed for your car model / dash type to make it fit in at ~$200, etc. and cameras / hands-free wiring, etc.

    You don't save a lot with the OEM/chinese made ones, as they need a few extras to work like USB GPS, extra radios, USB/power/headphone AUX wires fit through the glovebox/inside the dash, etc.

    If you have a lot of free time, you can DIY these things yourself and get to know your car's interior, where to thread a microphone cable for hands-free, etc.


      The cheap and nasty ones I’ve install have almost been plug and play. Radio, gps, mic, USB ports all in the unit, a couple had a USB port out the back which i ran through to the glove box. Bought a universal iso to car adaptor and it was almost plug and play, other than mounting the FPS antenna. But the extras like reverse cam would have needed wiring for a brand name one anyway.

      But you do get what you pay for. The cheap ones are described as ‘clunky’ at best and unreliable at worst.


    ok thanks, you have convinced me the Sony is the way to go then… maybe a later xmas present to myself is on the cards


    OP, if you want to really do this on the cheap, Android Auto can run as a standalone app on your phone. If you already have Bluetooth in your vehicle, look at a proper mounted Strike cradle. They can be installed on most dashes solidly without the need to drill holes into the dash itself.


    I bought a Erisin 9" Android 7 4x 45 watts radio 6 months ago off eBay, still works like new $298 and it looks exactly like a $1000 Alpine. Mounting and plugs are specific to my vehicle, fit perfectly and comes with au 12 month warranty. Very happy!
    By the way to those haters of anything without a brand name, my brothers Erisin double din Android still works like new well after the warranty as run out.


      I bought a cheapo chinese unit 8 years ago for my Aurion and it lasted 7 years . Cost was $350 but the cost of a pioneer/Sony unit was around the $1500 mark at the time . The sound was really good with all the features but the Nav maps were way out of date and a complete pain to upgrade . Android Auto would definitely be the way to go .
      It was great until the touch screen went but I'm not sure I'd bother now as they are a lot cheaper locally now .

      The specific plug connectors is a big bonus and my aurion has a custom surround as do a lot / most other cars which makes it a pain to modify generic double din units .

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