Street Parking All Day - Weekdays Saga Enmore

Those that work or live around Enmore area, I am looking for a cheap parking on weekdays for longer hours as I plan to go from work to Saga Enmore to pick up cake, then go to the car and drive home.

178 Enmore Rd, Enmore.
All day street parking if any, if not the longer the better.

Any input would be much appreciated. TIA!

¬ Wouldn't mind short-walk or taking a short trip by bus if need be.



    so you gave up on ashfield?

    • Yeah, Ashfield is my comfort zone.. well it was … but come to think of it … it still too far from Saga.

  • I sometimes park near Stanmore train station if I drive to "town". Free on street parking readily available a block or two from the station.

    • Can you share what time would you consider to be safe to secure spot on that block or two in the weekdays?

      • Cavendish St or Cambridge St on the south side of the line are where I usually park.

        • What time do you normally come? and at that time, spots are still plenty or need to be lucky kinda thing?

        • @tempura:
          There are a lot of residents parking on the street, but it is usually easy to find a spot. Easier if you come after 8:30am when they have left for work.
          I have never tried to park there and been unable to. I lived there years ago, so it is somewhere I have consistently returned to.

  • Most of the parking in the back streets behind Enmore Rd is 1P 6pm-10pm, if you're leaving before 7pm you should be able to find plenty of available spots.