Looking for a Dual Sim Phone Both Sims Must Work on 3G/4G Network Budget about $100

I have an Alacatel phone with dual sim which has been working fine, until the 2G shut off, so looking for a phone which has dual sims which will work on 3G and 4G. Not really after that many features other than to be easy to use and good battery life, budget around $100. When searching for dual sim i keep finding dual sim where one sim is on 2G i really need both sims on 3G/4G, hope someone can help. P.S have a $30 Kogan voucher for $120 spend if anyone can find a phone there that would be good, if not if anyone can find a phone elsewhere (first person only) which meets my criteria they can have my $30 Kogan voucher.



    Yikes. 4G on both? Around $100… you might get a 4G on one and 3G on the other. Most phones in this price bracket are garbage or will lack the bands required to work well anyway.

    I do like a challenge though, but don’t hold your breath…


    Xiaomi Redmi 4A? Can be found for about $120 with a code from time to time.

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    Best do your own research. For starters, try browsing through this list on Whirlpool for phones that support dual 3G/4G. Be sure to compare product descriptions before you buy. Some sellers are wont to market both single and dual sim variants of the same phone under the same name/model/description (usually copy-paste errors), but with varying prices.

    Do note that what you're asking for is a bit much - even low end 4G LTE phones with a single sim will run you for around $100 at RRP, so you might have an easier time if you double your budget.

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      Can’t agree more. Even a budget of $250 puts it in among some great low end dual sim phones. Everything in the $100 bracket is pure garbage. I can’t even find anything in the way of feature phones that support 4G/3G dual sims.




    It is possible to get what you want but it might have to be from a little known Chinese manufacturer. An example would be the phone that I've recently purchased, well a few months back now, which is a Doogee X5 Pro (note the pro bit as this will give you the specification) which is now listed on some sites as being discontinued but can still be bought. I purchased mine from Amazon in the UK for security and peace of mind should there be purchasing or warranty problems as it can be risky buying from a company that you will not have full consumer protection from.
    Here's a link for information - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Doogee-Mobile-X5PRO-B-White-smartph...
    One thing you must be careful about is whether any phone will work on your chosen network. An Ozbargainer kindly provided me with this link that you might find useful - https://willmyphonework.net/
    Happy hunting - lol


    In case you might be interested but don't forget you'd be dealing with a Chinese Company direct:


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