LG V20 - Xiaomi USB-C noise cancelling buds compatibility.

Anyone have that pairing and fully works?

I just bought a set and it seems:
Noise cancelling works.
Audio out works.
But mic doesn't work on a call.
I tried HD audio recorder and it detects it as a USB mic in custom settings.

Is the phone allowing only in one direction?



    If you go to the mi website. There is a disclaimer that says full functionality only works on the Mi5 and Mi Mix 2, although xiaomi never specifically says which function is unavailable.


    Someone on Reddit says that call function is not working on his Nexus 6P so probably it is not supported for non Xiaomi phones.


    On a side note, does using a USB C earphone still activates the DAC? It is abit of a weird question because DAC means digital analog converter but since you are plugging in straight to USB, it is digital to digital. So im curious to see if there is any difference.


      Bugger. Was hoping the phone would work with it.
      You are right, DAC is only for 3.5mm and internal speakers and then that means quality fully dependant on your usb headset

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