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Hi All

I have had to pay for three visits by the plumber to clear blocked drains over the past 18 months. He uses a sewer jetter to clean them out and charges me about $280 per visit.

When he sticks the drain inspection camera down the drain, it appears to be due to ‘soft blockages’ because he can’t see signs of tree roots after the jetting.

For the price of even one jetting, I can buy a cheap Karcher from Bunnings. I am looking at the Karcher pipe cleaning kit which is good for the K2 - K7, but concerned the K2 won’t be up to the job and the K7 is overkill at $1k

My question is - does anyone else DIY cleaning their drains with pressure cleaners, and if so which pressure cleaner do you use and which drain cleaning accessory did you buy?

Thanks in advance :-)


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    Most guys just clean their own pipes, if you know what I mean ;)

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    Seriously though, if we're talking normal blocked drains I just use something like this. Works for me.

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    What are you putting down the pipes ? Maybe prevention / maintenance is easier?

    Bunnings sells drain enzyme / bacteria solution that you can pour down regularly.

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      That’s the thing, I don’t pour oil down the drain, baby wipes, paper towels etc I can’t figure it out. Will have a look at some of these preventative measures thanks :-)

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    maybe your pipes are a little too 'level' and are slow draining, so things clog up.

    You could try using some extra water down the drain. Longer showers, flush the loo twice after number 2s etc.

    Or try a different plumber to clean them, maybe this one is missing the real issue.

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    You could try something like this;

    The difference (potentially) with something like this versus a jet to clear blockages is that depending on what the blockage material is this will dissolve/eat it and clear the drain. But just to be clear, this stuff is potentially quite dangerous, when you put it in the drain it creates fumes that could burn you, so if you do use it make sure that you wear a face mask, glasses, rubber gloves, long sleeve shirt and DO NOT look over the drain after you've put it in to see what's happening just let it do the work for you (people have been burned in lungs and face by trying to get a look). It's safe to use as long as you're sensible and it works quite well.

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