Xiaomi SOOCAS X3 Died

Pretty much 4 months ago I picked up this tooth brush

Noticed the battery was flat (charge lasts 1 month) so I put it in charge, used it the next morning
Then that night went to use it again and it was flat
Now it’s dead, won’t charge won’t light up.

For the hype that xiaomi is.. gotta say it’s a huge let down
Do I attempt to follow it up with banggood/gear best or cut my losses and go find an oral b ?


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    Follow it up and don't let it dictact what you think of Xiaomi :) sucks that it broke so quick, but I guarantee there have been $2000 iPhone X's out there die aswell, nobody's perfect!

    See if u can find any info about warranty, ask them about it, If you get turned down but are entitled u could open/threaten to open a PayPal dispute. You could always private message the GearBest rep aswell here on ozbargain with your order #, he's pretty helpful


    Xiaomi have just funneled money into SOOCAS. Xiaomi themselves didn't make it. Regardless send a PM to Sunny and she'll sort you out.


    My Xiaomi Gateway is kinda bricked after the latest firmware update. Resetting the device does nothing. . The blue light just keeps flashing. First Xiaomi that has disappointed me so far. My SOOCAS toothbrushes are due to arrive soon.

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    mine is dead too after 5 months. very disappointed.