Breville BES870 Coffee Machine

I'm ashamed to admit I had a most unOzBargainy moment and missed the JB HiFi deal on the Breville BES870 coffee machine last week. Still kicking myself.

Anyone seen any current deals (or have wind of something coming up pre-Xmas?)

I just can't stomach the thought of paying $649 when I could have pulled my finger out and gotten it for $515 last week.

Help me. Please. (grovel grovel sniff)


  • Great coffee machine, love it :)

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    Try the code here because I see no expiry date.

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      Unfortunately I tried that one out and the code has expired :(

  • I saw that it was $551 at Harvey Norman on the weekend. Not sure if that is still the price though.

    • Looks like Harvey Norman is back to $650… sorry!

  • I’m holding out for the black version to drop sub $550 and then I’ll pull the trigger!

  • I took that deal to The Good Guys and they comped it for me. I was a bit worried as I had read that the coffee instructions were not good for making a great cuppa…

    Well, I followed them anyway and I am I loving my Cappuccinos. We do not use the frothier as we have a separate Breville stand alone frothier that is easy to use but the espresso is delicious!

  • In case you don't find a deal for this coffee machine, I got a Nespresso Prodigio&Milk from a deal early this year, and it makes really great coffee. I know it is only pods yadda yadda but the milk frother is excellent. The trick is you put it in the hot milk froth then the cold milk froth. The combination ends up absolutely perfectly creamy (hot milk froth on its own ends up too fluffy and it collapses really fast). You would believe a super skilled barista did it. I'd love to learn how to froth milk properly with the steam wand but realistically I'll never be as good as the random barista in the café down the road so this is way easier with way better results. Maybe you're actually very skilled I don't know :p

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      Thanks for the info but we're actually deliberately choosing to upgrade to a bean machine to get away from the ridiculous waste the pod machines generate. Although they make great coffee I regret the purchase from an enviro pov. With our current pods we cut them open and put the grounds in our worm farm (I know they can be sent back to terracycle…but we'd rather not be contributing to it all in the first place)

  • I also missed it! Kicking myself too!

  • I bought one from the GG VIP sale two weeks ago for $580. But it's on their 20% off eBay sale today :(

    • It's on sale today!? You, my friend, are a legend! Thanks! Brings the price down to $518.40 if I click n collect :) :) Happy Christmas smiles all round.

      • I got it too! Awesome!

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