Where to Buy Dr Tung's Tongue Cleaner in Melbourne?

Hi guys,

I really need to get the above tongue cleaner for my mum, who has cancer and can't get rid of oral thrush which is affecting her ability to eat.

Would like to get one for her tomorrow rather than waiting for shipping.

Anyone know of a physical stores that sells them?




    a tongue cleaner won't get rid of oral thrush

    that requires anti-biotics

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      Actually antibiotics is something that can cause oral thrush, along with Chemo and Radio therapy - you need anti fungal treatments coupled with good oral hygiene practices.


      OP - Best of luck with your mum's treatment. I hope she is responding well to the treatment, despite the side effects.

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    Sorry can't help. Best wishes to your mum though.


    It's not the exact one, however daiso sell tongue cleaners like this.



      Chemist warehouse also have these types. I bought my Dr Tungs through iHerb, if you pay for DHL shipping you will get it in a few days



    PICK UP from Highton, VIC by appointment. Confirmation via email


    Thank you guys so much. Yes, she is using Nilstatin, plus oral medication, but she has needed about 10 courses of antibiotics over the past few months, combined with chemo, radiotherapy, and the inability to eat much means it is very hard to get rid of.

    I was hoping this might help try and get some of the coating off the tongue before she uses the oral drops, or at least help food not to taste so gross, as she is literally wasting away.

    Unfortunately ongoing oral thrush is a known side effect of the treatments she needs.