What Are My Options for Adding a Bathtub to a Rental?

About to rent a studio/1bedroom with the missus. A bathtub is absolutely a must, but recently we've seen very compelling units, without a bathtub.

So off to Google I went, to look for carry-in and rental-friendly options. So far I've found the inflatable ones at ~$60, and cheapest freestanding ones at ~$550+freight(unknown, probably $100-$200 or more).

Are there any reasonable in-between options?


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    This sounds like a recipe for disaster. You're going to flood your apartment and maybe your neighbours too.

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    Find an apartment to rent with a bathtub, or adjust your expectations on having one.

    I can sorta understand why you would need one for a small child/baby but we got by in an apartment with a baby using a pastic clamshell container in the shower.


    Have a better look for apartments, there should be plenty with combined shower/bath

    If you don't mind spending a lot you can always ask the REA to ask the owner if he would be willing to put in a bath if you paid for it

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    If it's for a baby bath, use the laundry tub or a plastic baby bath instead. Heaps easier on your back. If it's for toddlers/kids, they can shower fine, just get a non slip floor mat for the shower. Sure it's not as much fun as a bath, but it gets them clean.

    If you must soak yourself/partner rent a place with a bath, popping a few hundred kgs of bath and water where it isn't designed to be could go horribly wrong. The floor might not be made to take it.

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    Find one with the shower over bath? Very unlikely you'll find an apartment (of any size, letalone a one bedder) with a seperate shower/bathtub arrangement.

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      This is pretty common scenario (shower + bath in one) - i find it surprising that you haven't seen one yet


        I've seen a few with the bath+shower combos. But at a similar price, I've also seen a few that are vastly more modern in all forms of design and furnishings, some are even much more spacious, but they just don't come with a pre-installed bathtub.

        I'ts like, do I want to live in the 90s for a bathtub, or in the 2010s without one?

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          You said bathtub was a necessity, didn't you? So I would assume the former. Unless it's not really a necessity.

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    Go nuts with a few tubes of silicon, seal your whole unit up and fill 'er up. Live Kevin Costner's Waterworld

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    I have to ask, why must you have a bath tub? Do one of you have a handicap and are unable to use a shower? If we understand your needs more then we can probably suggest some suitable alternatives.


      I find it hard to imagine a type of handicap that would make it easier to use a bath than a shower. If you were paralysed for example there would be a danger of falling beneath the water and drowning and a lot of work for your partner to lift you in and out. Easier with a shower chair or shower wheelchair. Maybe if you had some sort of vertigo type thing where you can't stand up for longer than 1 minute


      Because Lush ;)


    Spa at local gym/pool?


    WEll….try to find an agrement with ur landlord maybe. sometimes they help u out with some money (it happened once with me) so you can make better options, or maybe he can buy it for you and raise the rent a bit. otherwide go for the better quality ones.

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