Cancel Shipster subscription

Anyone know how to? Cant find anything leading to it on the website.

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    Ridiculous that you need to email them to cancel. I’ve just cancelled the PayPal agreement so technically shouldn’t charge me.

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      Why are you negged, can the person who negged please explain
      It’s obviously the way to cancel the dodgy agreeement quicker

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          I agree and disagree with you there.
          Yes, cancelling the payment doesn't mean you cancel the service.
          From the buyer's POV, it implies you want to cancel the service.

          Only ancient/stupid/dodgy companies would keep an open invoice/giving you invoices even after you cancelled the payment method to trap customers.
          This is the old style of signing terms and agreements where you agree to pay a certain sum until you specifically tell them you want to stop.

          New companies are not stupid either, they're not going to give you Shipster free shipping if you didn't pay the premium - surely you'd have to pay in advance to get the service.
          No pay no nothing.

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    in addition to @bonjovi

    On that page under how to cancel it says

    "You can cancel your Shipster membership at any time. Simply contact our customer care team.

    Keep in mind that cancellations can take up to 48 hours to process. To avoid being charged for an additional month, please notify us in advance of your monthly >recurring payment. A customer care consultant will let you know once this has been processed."

    So cant hurt to cancel paypal auth and use the contact form as well.

    I signed up for the free trial to use for the xmas shopping, one of my kogan orders used it, the rest all had free shipping anyway, the other stores i shopped didn't have shipster and were mostly free anyway as well.


    I forgot to cancel the trial before it ends. PayPal charged me $6.95 for the month. Email Shipster to cancel and they as a gesture of goodwill refunded me the $6.95 and then gave me the additional month free of charge. Excellent service!

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    1. Log into your MyPost account:
      (ensure the email address you use is your Shipster email)
    2. On the top right click on your name
    3. Then click on manage account
    4. Go to Subscriptions (on the left in the black bar)
      5 Select ‘Subscribe’ option
    5. Click on ‘Confirm’ button
      7 You should be able to see ‘subscription cancelled’ message advising you still have access to Shipster till the end of your billing period.
    6. You will receive an email confirming the cancellation of your Shipster subscription
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    Found this thread on google. Thanks for the correct advice jee you saved me a telephone call! To unsubscribe go to:

    Why can't their FAQ's tell you this? I think there are laws coming in soon that require that companies let you unsubscribe as easily as you subscribe ie without spending 20 minutes on the phone to customer 'care' while they read you call centre scripts to try and get you to continue your subscription.



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