Alt Coins - What are you watching / buying / selling / holding into 2018?

Given that Bit Coin is at all time highs and there are predictions for it to hit $50k / $100k / $500k etc. it is not as viable for the newbie or home based investor to enter the market with under $1,000 and expect the same returns of the last 3 months. As some of us are aware, these meteoric returns seen in Bit Coin recently can still be had in some Alt Coins that have gone 5 - 20 times in the past month. Examples; Monero / Cardano / Verge / Quantstamp / Dash etc.. What are some Alt coins that you are watching / investing in / into the new year and why? Also how far do you expect these to go and when will you step out?

Me personally I have only held ALTS; Have had ADA for a while now before the spike and am hoping to hold till about $1.50 before I sell off everything. The reason is very simple; I read somewhere the CEO is an ex executive at Ethereum and they launched ADA to overcome the short comings with Ethereum, on this basis I thought he must know what he's doing and over the next 6 months to a year we can expect some big hype behind this currency. After my sell off I'll re-evaluate and see where things are going into the future with ADA. Bought a bit of Verge before the recent spike also as well as Quantstamp quite cheap. Keen to hear what others are investing in and how they are justifying it to themselves. With Verge and Quant these were just impulse buys off internet hype and a bit of John Mcafee input, however they've seemed to pay off. Similarly the market trade volume is quite consistent and high. Being so cheap you would expect there is quite a bit of room to grow. In the new year I'm also looking to accumulate some Lite Coin (only 2) as I do believe this will hit $1,000 in the first half of next year. I'm guessing this and it's based solely off of Bit Coin market dominance falling from 60% and more interest developing in ALTS - no other reason.

Keen to hear everyone else's thoughts. Also, don't be shy or secretive, getting a bit of hype behind your investment isn't a bad thing.


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    Two smaller market cap alt coins that I think are interesting are AEON and ICX. From what I understand AEON is the LTC of Monero and ICX is the Korean version of ETH.

    But as usual DYOR before investing!

    • But as usual DYOR before investing!

      Agreed !!

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    ADA, Verge, Ripple, POWR and Iota for me.

    In a month I've turned $1k in to $10k.

    Thinking about selling everything back to Fiat,or at least half of it just in case.

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      Good work !! POWR has been doing very well. Me personally I'm holding for 6 months, BTC market dominance is dropping and dropping (I don't know why, whether it is people jumping from BTC to ALTS) but I think ALTS are the way forward. A lot of people are going along the lines of, "well I chuck a couple hundred in an ALT and at least I have the prospect of making money, whereas going into Bit Coin to turn $200 to $400 it's got to go from $25k to $50k, what are the chances?"

      • Bitcoin will hit one million no doubt but after that I'm not sure that's when I bail out personally it becomes like a wow ah and more headache than rewards.

    • vertcoin?

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      I bought ripple but transferred to bitcoin around $10,000 because it wasn't moving.

      Looking at IOTA now that's my race horse. Haven't heard much about the others.

      • I just went into IOTA :) only a small position though

        • Where do you find all these alt coins? I only use btcm

        • @Oz8argain:

          You can trade Alt Coins on Coinspot direct with Australian Dollars - However they charge so much in fees it's almost not viable unless you're throwing around a lot of money. 3% for Alt coin to AUD each way and 0.9% for crypto to crypto each way. Alternatively you can trade Alt coins on Binance using BTC / ETH or US dollars (USD are limited)

        • @TheBilly:I never hear good things about coinspot

        • Wanna be my broker for IOTA.. I wanna put in about $250 AUD.

          I'll give you 2% brokers fee on top of other charges.

        • @AlienC:

          I would but Im not as active atm, pre christmas I was buying and selling alot but haven't gotten back into my groove. I'll keep a tab on this and see how I fair once back at work, holiday mode has made me lazy.

        • @TheBilly: all good don't stress about it just keep it in the back of your mind as a minor preposition

    • Wanna be my short term broker?

      I wanna invest a few hundred in IOTA and POWR and then sell at the next big break.

      I have a Btcmarkets account but not a binance account and cbb atm

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    FUN. I'm liking my returns on it!

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      Yeah, Im liking FUN to, only bought it as a bit of fun.

      • Exactly! I also bought SALT because of my preference for savory food…

  • Vertcoin and Req for me.

  • Are we at FOMO stage ?

    • Ohhh yea… Sea of green across the board !!!

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      Kinda I mean the new alt coins are technically round two or three I can't keep up with everything but they are the current new gen.


  • DNA

  • New to crypto but CLEARPOLL (POLL) hodling for sure!!

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    For me personally, the only addition to my portfolio is ZENCash. My reasoning for this one is the dividends, and DAO participation.

    You can hold 42ZEN as collateral, and run a $10 VPS, and get regular payments as long as your uptime stays above 92%.
    At current Zen prices (about US$35), this will remain profitible until 30,000 nodes exist (at which point, it'd be break-even)

    I'm betting on the fact that with 30000 * 42 ZEN tied up in securenodes, the supply would be limited and hence the price would be higher, meaning we can have > 30,000 nodes running and still be profitable.

    Current estimate is 0.06 ZEN / day for holding 42 nodes

    Other than that, I'll dump the bitcoin forks as they are handed out.

    Worst case, it goes to $0 and I lost AU$2,000 + the VPS cost (referral credit makes it a little cheaper) lol.

    Vertcoin also looks good, a better coin than Litecoin, but I'm not holding any.

  • The only coin is holding is being delisted by the Mafia.

  • WABI. Look into this coin, I believe it will do very well in 2018.

  • Coinspot have stopped taking AUD deposits and was wondering what other exchanges people are trading alt coin on?

    • +1 - have heard of BTC markets but their offerings are limited.

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