24months $1.4k Plan or Stay Prepaid with Outright Handset

This handset upgrade has been doing my head in.

Currently I own outdated SGS5 and have been doing a bargain hunt on monthly basis for those $5 Kogan deal (or sometimes free), half price Optus/Vodafone. Quite happy with this, as I am not locked in the contract.

The only issue with this is uncertainty on whether they be special comes the expiry of your current prepaid plan.

If I am going to keep doing this, I would get an outright grey-import SGS8.

The 2nd option is to settle down with F&F Telstra offer with 20GB/month and new SGS8 for 24 months, totalling the bill to $1.4K.

Can you help me to decide? Option 1 or Option 2?

Option 1 being get grey-import and do bargain hunt on prepaid.
Option 2 being sign up to 24m Telstra plan for $1.4K worth of money.


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    I went for the Telstra F&F Pixel 2. Sold the Pixel for a note 8 (+ some money) and broke my Optus contract because mobile data from Sydney CBD > West is non-existent during peak.

    It was pretty much a no brainer if you want Telstra reception and be on the Telstra network.

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    Well, it boils down a simple matter of do you want one tomorrow or are you a happy waiting til by the time you might find a cheap option of importing one or at least til they announce the S9 and you continue the cycle waiting for the right deal?

    Only saying that because I am in a very similar point (Current Telstra Pre Paid Plus (I used to reap the benefits of Freedom Plus until the 2nd/3rd) and a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Purchased secondhand) and am at least making the decision to get the current JB Hi-Fi deal of $49/20gb per month deal and get the $200 giftcard, then possibly sign up to the friends and family with a S8/Pixel 2 (Have been searching for a reasonable Note 7 (Best Samsung phone bar Note 4) but haven't come across anything under 800 without doing a great deal of research).

    Grey Imports don't have the upside of having local warranty as well, small concern to many, an issue to others.
    You wouldn't have to continuously cycle between company's and being on the look out for what's 'best' all the time when you could spend doing something else and even being without for some period of time.

    • I hope you mean a note 8, the note 7 ones were the hand grenade ones. The S8 has been ~$700 for a bit now (grey import), while the note is still ~$900 for grey import and over 1k for local stock. I am also looking but might hang on to see what the offering are early next year.

  • By the time you decide, F&F offer will expire. Act fast!