Todays events (II)

Apologies to the people who previously posted on the other page it got out of hand and it was easier just to close and start again


Hey all,
It seems we have been constantly spammed by a certain company trying to flog their deals on ozbargain. At the moment we are finding ways to resolve the issue.

In the meantine,
- please do not respond to any trolls/advertisments from the company (just use the report function)
- please refrain from posting the companies name on comments (allows us to isolate spammers and ban)

We are hoping to improve the automated ban system so that spammers are automatically ‘sandboxed’ when we get attacked.

There have been huge discussions between the mods on improving the ozbargain experience, and making it better (and fairer) for everyone.

Kindest regards


Just to confirm

Forum spam is not allowed on ozbargain
Sockpuppeting is also not allowed.

Facebook comments are publically accessable, anyone can read, or republish anything seen on facebook.

to quote neil…

A search on Google displays multiple results from Facebook and number of other pages. So if you have a problem with Ozbargain quoting your name from a public page then you also have problems with Google, Facebook, Bing, Myspace, etc. No different then watching the news or reading a newspaper that quotes from a book, television show or another Internet site.


It's not a good idea to offer users a $200 gift voucher to spam internet forums with your site, this would result in bans (from many different sites, including ozbargain).

Writing in UPPERCASE is internet speak for shouting

and most importantly (my biggest lesson) "do not feed the trolls"


Generally I try and be as fair as possible with the people i send to the penalty box. If there is something you feel is controversial, i’m more than willing to discuss it in private (or public), or i can ask another mod to make another judgement call.