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Pelikan M205 Yellow Highlighting Fountain Pen AUD $136 (US $105) Posted @ Amazon US


The Pelikan M205 Classic Highlighter Duo Pen Sets, translucent yellow barrel (975524) has been around since about 2014. It also comes in a green colour barrel. This is a set which comes with the piston filled fountain pen (that is, there is no cartridge as the ink is stored in the barrel of the pen) and "special" yellow highlighting ink. Note: don't use this ink in other fountain pens as it may affect the materials. The ink is very bright and certainly does the job to highlight text, moreso for underlining rather than covering the whole text (as it produces a line about 1mm wide)

The pen comes with a BB (double broad, creates approx 1mm wide line) steel nib and can also be used with normal fountain pen ink. The nib is threaded so it can be changed for a different size, but can also be easily removed for cleaning.

Peters of Kensington has the same pen on special for $157 + 5.50 =$162.50

And now, Pelikan is turning the concept of the humble fountain pen on its head, by combining it with the ever-reliable highlighter with their M205 Highlighter Yellow Fountain Pen and Ink Bottle. With a barrel made from transparent plastic, and polished stainless extra broad nib and trim, this contemporary writing instrument includes a bottle of specialised M205 highlighter ink so you can make corrections on important documents and even your first novel draft.

With the M205 Highlighter Yellow Fountain Pen and Ink Bottle, the tradition meets modern, which is perfect for the organised business person of the 21st Century.The fountain pen even comes equipped with a clever differential piston plunger filling system for your convenience, so your writing flow will never have to stop - for long, anyway.

Filling the Pen
1) Un-cap the pen and rotate the piston knob at the end of the barrel fully counter-clockwise (the piston should be all the way down towards the nib);
2) immerse the nib completely in the ink;
3) rotate the piston knob fully clockwise, drawing ink into the reservoir;
4) now, expel the ink back into the bottle by rotating the piston knob counter-clockwise again (it is often necessary to fill & empty the pen a couple of times to be certain one fills it to capacity);
5) Fill the reservoir again by performing steps 2 and 3 again;
6) With a filled reservoir and with the nib over the ink bottle, expel 4 to 6 drops of ink back into the bottle;
7) Point the nib up and rotate the piston knob fully clockwise;
8) With a soft tissue, gently wipe off any ink that may be on the barrel end;
9) Next, hold the tissue to the back of the nib (on the black plastic feed) for about 3 seconds—to draw off any extra ink in the feed. This clears the feed's air channels;
10) Lastly, gently wipe off any ink on the top of the nib. That's it!

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  • +6

    Yellow Highlighting Fountain Pen approx AUD $136

    or just use this for under $1…

    • Is it the cheapest?

    • +1

      Yeah, but how else would i let other people know daddy pays my tuition fees?

      • people know daddy pays your tuition fees if you are still living at home because you can’t afford to rent or buy your own place ….

  • +4

    Does it have 24 carat gold ink ???

  • +1

    Not sure about using it as a highlighter - but the Pelikan M205 (and 200 series) are lovely pens to write with.

    • +1

      i’d love a pelikan 200 series fountain pen in their classic green but even for me who own a lot of expensive pens eg waterman sterling silver …. a high light fountain pen would be an indulgence in opulence…. maybe after i get the rolex.

  • +2

    Gotta convince the stationery guy to stock these at work then!

  • +5

    Fountain pens are very old school and you can buy $5 or $500 ones which all "write", if you ever wanted to improve your writing or get your kids to improve their handwriting then these types of pens may encourage you to do so.

    For those who have used gold nibbed pens (or ever better a true flex nib pen), some write more smoothly and quicker than others, this is not to say that stainless steel nibs don't write smoothly either. It's a combination of nib/ink and paper which all contribute to the writing experience. Apart from daily writing lecture notes or meeting minutes, these pens can be used to write a personal thankyou note and have more character than a pencil or biro.

    If however you cant be bothered to write, stick to typing :p

    • +3

      And if you do want to bother, start with something like a Lamy 'Safari' that will reward your effort (and not cost as much as a Pelikan). Absolutely perfect for kids (say 9-10+) and good for adults, like me, who have crap handwriting at the best of times…

      • +1

        lamy safari are a great starting point and they are a real work horse of a fountain pen and you can get matching ball point …. use ball point at your desk …. fountain pen at meetings …. people think you always use fountain pen …..

    • if you ever wanted to improve your writing or get your kids to improve their handwriting then these types of pens may encourage you to do so.

      I'm not sure why, I find fountain pens to be a PITA to use. The idea of doing lecture notes or minutes seems laughable, no offense.

      • That's why it is called old school. Nowdays lectures are posted on Blackboard web site together with videos, so for some courses you dont need to go to university.

        Still, for some jobs there is still writing to be done, note taking, editing and wet ink signatures required such as when signing contracts, formal letters etc.

        I still haven't managed to successfully fly with my fountain pens due to changes in pressure. So it does require a level of effort to carry and use a fountain pen if your job requires you to move about.

      • +1

        i have fountain pens but some of the gel pens are so good now i don’t use the fountains much anymore …
        gel gives you the feel of a roller ball without the issued of having to always out the cap back on.
        i’m happy to use work paper and note pads but buy my own pens ……

      • Actually… I started to use fountain pens again in an effort to make lecture note taking easier. I take your point about lecture notes seeming to be an anachronism - but I found that the act of writing stuff down improved the chances of ideas and concepts 'sticking' somewhere between my ears. I tended NOT to look at them again - but it did seem to help me.

    • +1

      i was disappointed that it has taken until year 4 for my sons school to move from pencils to pens , when i was a kid we used pens in grade 2, pencils were for grade 1 , and overseas in europe many schools still use fountain pens in primary school to teach good writing skills …. wonder what kids in china use …. pencil, pen or fountain pen in primary school ?

      the failings of out current school system …. if it’s too hard drop it so kids feel better about themselves and drop in world standards.

      • Where my kids went to primary school they were introduced to fountain pens in about year 5 - and they had to earn their 'fountain pen licence'. Prior to that they used pencil and crayon. No 'textas'. No ballpoints. I think that they were even shown how ink was made!

  • +1

    The camels have this as pretty much the median price for a third party sale. Cannot see the "bargain" here

  • +2

    If you would like to get into fountain pen to improve handwriting, go for a fine/ extra fine nib. has M200 with fine nib (üllhalter-Edelstahlfeder-Federbreite/dp/B00203VDVA/) for Eur 62.47 (around 96 AUD delivered) which is a lot cheaper than Peters of Kensington.

    • Good find, I forgot about this site. The M205 duo is being shipped from Germany.

    • i would go for M200.

      • If starting with a Pelikan, this is a good choice. German nibs seem to run a little broader than the best of the Japanese fountain pens - so fine nibs are pretty comfortable. Personally, I like a broader nib and would buy a medium in the Pelikan.

        • +1

          sailor NAGINATA is quite good. i mainly use fountain pens to write Chinese, so Japanese pen suits my better. But I really enjoy my m200 F point, used for 4 years asked my friend to do a bit adjustment on the nib, very good one. m400 or M600 is a bit broader for me if i use them to rep chinese calligraphy.

  • +2

    Anyone interested in trying a fountain pen would be well advised to look on Aliexpress/eBay.
    The Chinese make sonme really good, cheap (like <$5) fountain pens.
    Try looking at Jinhao and Bauer made pens.
    Some of them look fantastic and cost the price of a cup of coffee.

    Edit… remember that they DON'T come with ink.

    • +2

      I have a number of Lamy look-a-like pens, Baoer, Jinhao and Kaigelu (kangaroo - which is a copy of one of the Parker Duofold models) pens all made in China (from Aliexpress) and they work really well. The cheapest Lamy Safari look-a-like pen I bought this year was AUD $1.50 including postage (no ink) - cheaper than 7 Eleven coffee. These are tough pens, I once accidentally left it in a shirt pocket, put it in the washing machine and the pen survived. No dents, no cracks, and works perfectly.

      You can also find Parker Sonnet and Parker urban look-a-like pens. They too work really well and look very close to the genuine item.

      Inks are readily available - from basic Parker black/blue to many different colours, glitter ink, glow in the dark ink and scented ink.

  • +1

    *Coffee Spit! *

  • You've never felt the power of a real highlighter until you've used this

  • +1

    Thanks OP, bought 5 for my office.

  • +3

    I would buy this but I am waiting for a $30 off coupon for the Lamborghini Aventador

  • moreso for underlining rather than covering the whole text (as it produces a line about 1mm wide)

    so not only is it really also doesnt do what it says it does ?

  • Eh, no offence, but I think you'd probably get much warmer reception from Fountain Pens Australia group or something. Well, this is coming from a guy who wants a MB Heritage 1912. I will have to save up for awhile if I want to buy it but, I simply believe it offers something that nothing cheaper offers.

    I'd agree that it's a waste of money if you want to replace your pens or highlighters with fountain pen, but buying, using and maintaining them can be a good hobby.

    As with the deal, even if you don't want to use it like a highlighter this wouldn't be too bad, considering it's a demonstrator and Pelikan does sell nib units separately. It's a deal in that it's the cheapest and reasonable price for Pelikan M200/M205 if you are in the market for them. Hell, if you are in the market for polishing nibs for fun, BB nib would be broad enough to do a lot of things.

    If you want a cheap piston filling demonstrator pen, go with TWSBI or Wing Sung.

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