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Optus - iPhone 8 Plus 256GB $74/Month (20GB Data + Unlimited Calls/Txt) - 24 Month Contract/New Customers Only


I spoke to a sales rep via live chat and was advised about this deal. New customers only.

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  • Is it a "rental" contract or a proper one where you own the phone at the end

    • Its a proper one. Where u end up owning the phone after 24 months.

      • You own, and are financially responsible for, the phone as soon as you sign the contract, not after two years.

      • Excellent, thankyou.

        With what my now slow iphone 6+ 128gb is worth + my current prepaid recharges cost, this will cost me almost nothing.

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    Yeh i spoke to them as well. It's to own. My understanding is you can still upgrade after 12 months for $99 and go onto a new plan.

    • But have to hand back phone & plans would be way more expensive then these deals, better off staying on the Current plan selling the 8+ in 12m & buying new model outright

  • I have a screenshot from the rep confirming this deal but not sure how to attach it here.

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    But I've never got to a live chat because it is off line .

  • plan is available through online chat only according to rep

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    I need something like this from Telstra!
    My wife is keen to upgrade her phone but wants to stay with Telstra.
    I think our best option currently is to get the Family&Friends deal, sell the pixel2 and then buy an 8 Plus outright (maybe gumtree?).
    Sorry to be off-topic but the offer in this thread gets my hopes up for a Telstra version with the iPhone 8 plus 256gb ;)

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      A iPhone from gumtree?
      What could possibly go wrong? ;-)

      • Sometimes you get lucky. I'll be selling 30 x new iphone 8 64gb next week on gumtree that i got for my business plans. Aus stock and warranty.
        But yeah a lot of times it's a risk

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      Try phoning or live chat and ask if they can match

      • Thanks, I’ll give that a go. Completely didn’t occur to me!

    • put up a classified in ozbargain for a swap plus cash maybe for the pixel2 to iphone 8 plus

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    Great post :) Just contacted Optus and they were happy to give me this deal :)

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    Any student discount?

    • I tried on the $60 i8 plan and they said no :(

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        Thanks for the info.

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    just wondering why is this like a secret? why is it not on their website.

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      so people feel special, like when crispy kreme first opened …. exclusive shops, people lined up ….. now you get them at 7/11.

      • guessing they are offering as the iphone 8 is out of stock, so probably temporary until it comes back in stock

  • Is this seriously cheaper than just buy outright and slap in kogan 16gb for 365 days for $21/month? Plus who knows in a year time we can get 20gb with just $15?
    Just amazed people still want to get into a 2 years contract?

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      some people cant afford the outright price. Monthly payment for 2 years contract is like an instalment.

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        Ok. Not sure others but I won't touch something I can't afford. Ffs it's just a phone. Get something cheaper. Save hard for rainy days. Sorry this is not financial advice peace.

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    Just got it from HN North Ryde today. Was with optus, port out to Vodafone and port in again.
    Got both phone and sim card, but waiting for porting active.
    Unfortunately HN refused to give $200 gift card.

    • I have problem with activate new number. They said only few hours then turn out to be few day. Hopefully thing goes well for you.

      • They told me it would activate in few hours yesterday. It is still not activated today. Maybe it is Sunday.
        See how it goes.

        • Same what happen to me. Told me few hour then become to few day. If Monday it still not activate, you should call them to make sure

      • It is now 2 days from my purchase. Optus still not activated, although I got from my Vodafone 2 days ago there the porting has been requested.
        What happens to Optus?

  • Bugger if this deal really is for new customers only. Currently paying $120 a month for 15gb paying off a iPhone 7 Plus. Got about 9 months to go until end of contract. If existing customers could take advantage I would be tempted. I’ll wait and hopefully the iPhone X Plus becomes real.

  • Am on live chat at the moment with them, agent knew about the deal straight away. Taking a while to sign up online. Phone will take 2-3 business days to arrive and 4-5 days for order to be processed. I'm currently an Optus prepaid customer.

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    Had a number of sessions with online chat. None of which would allow me to get this offer. I am off contract, but they say it is only for new customers or new numbers. Went instore to Chadstone who said it was against company policy to port out to prepaid then port back to postpaid and that they would lose their job if they did this. And the phones were out of stock anyway.

  • Got this offer as an early upgrade rep was fine , had two say that it was new customers or I couldn’t use my existing number. Keep trying !

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    THIS WAS $64 ON SATURDAY … #NOBARGAN … my bad .. this is the 256gb..

    mine was 64gb

  • Thanks Op. Got price match from Vodafone as I am there existing customer. $74 for 24 month Iphone 8 plus 256GB. 20GB data, unlimited calls +++++ 2200 International minutes per month. That was a big bonus for me as I do use International calls a lot and Optus has only 150 minutes per month.

  • I got this today @ Chadstone in store no problem. I opted for the 256gb IP8+ for an extra $10p/m. They also had a pool of gold numbers to choose from which are currently free upon request until the end of the year. I managed to get a pretty decent number 0481XXXXYY

  • Optus employee at a store said (knowing i was finishing my contract) that I have to do it online. Online has only script responses to the tune of 'new service only'. If youve had success recontracting, how did you do it?

  • Picked mine up today - still awaiting the port over from telstra (prepaid freedom plus - the one you used to be able to use credit to pay for google play purchases… still super salty about that…)

    Got it from the Modbury (Tea Tree Plaza) store no hassles. Guy i spoke to knew all about it, walked in and walked out less than 15 mins later