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Hi All,

First time poster, I was looking at the new JigoCity websites today and was interested. However when I logged in and went to the "Buy Now" the page that was asking for credit card details did not have a https prefix. This means that any details sent to them would not have been encrypted…… That's a big no-no in my mind. We're not back in 1995 anymore….

Their FAQ says they use encryption, however I can't see any sign of it when signing up, logging on or going to buy now. I have contacted them via their contact us form and will let you know the outcome.


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    Thanks for pointing that out altonius. We've made that aware in the thread, http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/35199, and banned Jigocity. Looks like that's just one of the issues the site has.

    From ceejay

    FYI, jigocity.com.au is registered to James Lawrence Hatcher ABN 73 559 961 070 which reports to be located on the Gold Coast QLD 4217

    The name JigoCity Pty Ltd was registered on 13 August 2010 and is located in Worongary QLD 4213 (also the Gold Coast)

    However, the ABN linked to JigoCity Pty Ltd is located in Surry Hills or Darlinghurst NSW 2010

    The jigocity.com.au server is on IP which is located in Singapore, but jigocity.com on IP is in China.

    jigocity.com was registered on 2 April 2010 to Hichina Zhicheng Technology Ltd.

    Even if the site had an SSL certificate for order processing, I’m not sure that I would be confident to give my details away to this company without some more transparency in their business structure.

    Oh and by the way, their Privacy Policy basically says they can give your info to just about anyone they want.

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    Looks like they're doing something about it……

    There are no deals today, and they have a page displaying the following text:

    Happy Holidays! December is here, the holiday season has begun. We are upgrading our security measures in light of increased online fraud during this busy holiday shopping period.

    We apologize for delaying your access to our great Jigo deals but safety comes first. We will have more fantastic deals once we have fully implemented our enhanced security measures. Make sure you are subscribed to our email and you'll see our great deals as they return in a day or two.


      yes there was supposed to be a tone of sarcasm in my post.

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        This note is in follow up to our previous communication alerting you to our initial response to the security breach we experienced last week. The purpose is to let you know the steps that we have taken to prevent any future breaches and to protect our consumers going forward. As you may have noticed the site was down for over a week. We re-launched the late last week and want to notify you of what steps we have taken.

        First, we have implemented https across all key user sessions on the site. In addition we have added extra layers of security at the code level to prevent this type of breach from ever happening again. Next we have completely sanitized all of our users credit card data from our systems. Going forward all credit card processes will be performed by a 3rd party ensuring that in the event of a similar attack our members information will not be accessible. Finally we are implementing a Vulnerability Management Program to ensure that we are continuing to provide a safe environment for online transactions in the future.

        Furthermore we have contacted all of our users whose credit card details may have been exposed and recommended that they check their credit card statements to ensure that there are no unauthorized transactions and to contact their credit card provider if they suspect fraudulent activity.

        The safety of our members information is of the utmost importance to us. To demonstrate the importance of this issue to us we will be adding $30 worth of JigoPoints credits to the accounts of any members who may have been impacted. It is our sincere hope that our actions in response to this issue demonstrate our commitment to our members and the buying public at large. If you have any questions or require additional information please contact us at customerservice.au at jigocity dot com.


        JigoCity Customer Service

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          Warms the cockles of my heart to hear this.

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          That's good news Jigocity. Can you let us know about your privacy policy. I signed up recently to your email newsletter due to missing some bargains posted here. However if your privacy policy means you give out our emails to anyone else i will be unhappy and will wish to remove my details.

          Also, are you an Australian based coy or Chinese, where is your IP based? We would appreciate clarification on these matters too… transparency in your actions is greatly valued and builds trust.



    On their web site under "About Us" it says:
    JigoCity Australia is a part of the JigoCity Group. Current locations include Australia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. Founded by three American partners, JigoCity is rapidly growing and expects to be available to members in 10 countries by March 2011. Jigocity.com.au is securely hosted by a 3rd party service provider, in Singapore, as part of our Australasia infrastructure.

    I went to their Xmas party last Friday in Surry Hills. Free beer / wine and some nibbles. The General Manager is an American who has been living in Sydney for a couple of years. His wife is Aussie and his kids were there. They seemed ok.


      Any other Ozbargainers there?

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        we need ozbargain badges lol

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    Lol honestly don't know if other Ozbargainers were there, got distracted talking to a hot red head from Virgin Mobile. :-)

    Definitely need badges or a secret sign :-P


      That hot red head would be me. Hi ^_^ !